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School in Music City, U.S.A., Chooses FBT

The Ensworth School in Nashville is well known for providing outstanding extracurricular activities to its students, along with superior academics. Because it’s located in Music City, it’s also no surprise that John Horrell, President of Durrell Sports, recently installed an FBT sound system in the school’s auditorium, which is considered to be one of the finest in the area. With a student body that includes children of resident musicians, high-quality sound is consistently needed to support school shows, but also the many performances given by parents – professional musicians who enjoy the opportunity to raise money for the school.

“Because of Ensworth’s notoriety in Nashville, many musicians in the area seek out the school for their kids,” said Horell. “Their auditorium is world-class, and we needed a system that would meet the school’s high standards. There was no center section for us to install in, so we needed to work with a left/right situation. One of the reasons I like FBT’s Muse 210LA is that it has the ability to do 130dB, but I also appreciate its musicality and the fact that the horn is in the center of the cabinet. It offers much more clarity and less bounce off of side walls – it’s much better than a typical line array where the horn is on one side.”

Durrell Sports is considered to be a leader in the sports audio industry, having covered major arenas for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and NHL. Horrell is no stranger to the music industry, though.  He and his former partner were responsible for sound installations in over 200 recording studios throughout the 60s and 70s, and they continue to offer their expertise in large indoor and outdoor facilities and high-end acoustic rooms throughout the U.S., Spain and Italy today.   

As for the theater at Ensworth, the faculty and staff have been “tickled to death” with the installation, according to Horrell. Thanks to the addition of dual 18” Mitus 218S subs, the school is now able to do things with the room they’ve never been able to do before – with much higher volumes and clarity.

“FBT makes a great sounding box that is incredibly underpriced for the quality and sound you get out of it,” said Horrell. “The theater at the Ensworth School is an impressive space. The new FBT equipment just brings it to a new level by giving them a true, full-range system that’s both exciting and spectacular.”

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