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Scott Bradford, Technical Director of Fellowship Church Knoxville, Chooses to Use Waves MultiRack SoundGrid® Running Waves Plugins

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, June 11, 2014 — Scott Bradford, Technical Director of the Fellowship Church Knoxville (Knoxville, Tennessee), is part of a growing trend of audio professionals choosing to use plugins from Waves Audio in house-of-worship environments.

Bradford has a long history as a Waves user. He recalls, “I started using Waves when I was in college. I was in a telecommunications program and was also working at Guitar Center. I noticed pretty early on a clear sonic difference between Waves plugins and other brands. There is an immediacy and a noticeable quality difference with any Waves plugins I have used over the years.”

Working in the Fellowship Church, Bradford has made Waves plugins an essential part of the signal chain. He remarks, “We are currently running two Waves-enabled DiGiCo SD8 consoles – one for FOH and one for monitors. Both are equipped with a Waves SoundGridA® Server One using Waves plugins. We also have a recording desk with Waves plugins and three workstations for production staff working on videos and audio. In addition, our two student rooms have been upgraded with Behringer X32 digital mixers, and we are looking to incorporate Waves MultiRack and Waves plugins on those consoles as well.”

On his go-to Waves plugins, Bradford notes, “Here at the Fellowship Church and at the many churches I do training for, I work with volunteers of varying abilities, talents and preferences, so I am always looking for technical tools that are fairly easy to get around – but I also want them to be sonically appealing and very powerful under the hood. Many Waves plugins have been our go-to plugins for exactly these reasons. The volunteers are able to engage their ears and eyes together as they learn to EQ, and the plugins also help them deal with early feedback detection. The Waves SSL 4000 Collection gives our mix the vibe and depth we have always wanted on drums, electric guitars and especially vocals. The Waves CLA Classic Compressors give us that color palette which most vanilla digital consoles cannot offer, and they are extremely easy to get a great sound out of. The Waves C4 Multiband Compressor has been amazing for things like bass, acoustic guitars and vocals. Its presets are fantastic, and its solo and bypass features help me teach my trainees what compression is and what it does.”

All in all, Waves has helped Bradford achieve the goals he has set out for the church’s technical team. He concludes, “Our motto for the technical community at Fellowship is to minimize distractions in the pursuit of technical excellence. Waves has given my team and I the ability to go deeper into training, help our volunteers grasp the main concepts of audio, and achieve a much more pleasing and engaging sonic experience with a lot more ease. We love knowing that we have such powerful tools at our fingertips – tools that help us achieve our technical goals more fully and more easily than ever.”


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