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Sennheiser Launches SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver

Expanding its range of network-enabled AV equipment, Sennheiser is launching the SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver.

Wedemar, Germany (April 7, 2020)—Expanding its range of network-enabled AV equipment, Sennheiser is launching the SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, available from Q2 2020 in both a two-channel and a four-channel version.

Aimed at use in higher education facilities and corporations, the compact receiver is intended for use in modern IT infrastructures, using license-free 1.9 GHz technology and can be centrally software controlled through Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

The SpeechLine Multi-Channel receiver accommodates up to four receiving channels and an auto-mixer – no additional antenna is needed, and only one cable is required for PoE, control data and the Dante stream for which redundant sockets are provided. A 3-pin terminal connector is available for infrastructures that need an analog output. The multi-channel receiver complies with common network security standards.

The receiver can be wall- or ceiling-mounted using the included wall-mount adapter. For an on-site check, the receiver features status LEDs for the audio channels; otherwise it is configured and controlled via Sennheiser Control Cockpit software or via Sennheiser’s open SSC protocol for third-party solutions. Sennheiser Control Cockpit allows centralized remote control, monitoring and maintenance of campus- and company-wide audio installations from anywhere in a network. Besides SpeechLine Digital Wireless, the software also supports evolution wireless G3 and G4 as well as the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone.

For lecturers and speakers, SpeechLine offers a choice of wireless handheld, headset, lavalier or even boundary and table microphones. SpeechLine Digital Wireless works in the license-free 1.9 GHz range, and features both auto-frequency management and auto-interference management. The system uses 256-bit AES encryption.

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