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Sennheiser Provides Support to Musicians “On the Ground‘ During Summerfest 2011, World‘s Largest Music Festival

Milwaukee, WI – August 4, 2011: For several years running, audio specialist Sennheiser has made its presence known among musicians and artists attending Summerfest. This year, as in previous years, Sennheiser was also an active sponsor of Summerfest’s Emerging Artist Series, engaging not only well-established artists but also artists on the rise including The Material and The Last Vegas.

Sennheiser brought along its branded tour bus, which not only served as a change of scenery for artists and crew, but also provided them with a source for comprehensive technical expertise, emergency replacement gear and educational demonstrations of wireless and microphone products to help them achieve a flawless performance.

Summerfest attracts around one million music fans each year, and features 11 stages with performances from over 700 bands, making it the largest music festival in the world. Attendance at Summerfest was up by eight percent compared to last year, and Sennheiser experienced a steady flow of both emerging and well-established musicians to its bus.

“After we played our set as part of the Emerging Artist series, we went to the Sennheiser bus to check out some of the new headphones and microphones they had, as well as to hang out with all of the friendly and helpful Sennheiser reps,” commented Colleen D’Agostino of The Material. “Sennheiser not only provided a nice place to cool down after our set, but also helped answer my questions on in-ear monitors (IEMs) and microphones. Our artist relations rep Tim Moore was there during our entire set to make sure everything went smoothly, and to show his support for our band. I knew Sennheiser would be there for us, and they were!”

By attending Summerfest once again in 2011, Sennheiser was able to support artists in the following ways by:

Offering strong, on-site technical expertise with an experienced staff

Demonstrating the latest in Sennheiser wireless systems and microphone technology for live performance

Providing Sennheiser equipment loaners for testing and use on-site

Providing support to emerging artists through education and promotion

Providing a ‘temporary getaway’ and networking opportunity for artist crews and staff

Tim Moore, artist relations manager for Sennheiser, commented: “Each year, Summerfest presents an excellent opportunity for us to engage with both emerging and established artists on the ground — where they need us. It is a chance for us not only to help artists with their technical set-ups and provide demo gear, but also an opportunity to spend time with these artists and their teams and discuss their needs and how we can better service each of them. I enjoy being able to work closely with the Emerging Artist Series and supporting the young artists working hard on building a fan base.”

“Sennheiser has been a great partner over the years,” commented David Silbaugh, Talent Buyer and Production Supervisor at Summerfest. “The on-site technical support has been invaluable for the artists and engineers alike and Sennheiser’s continued support of the Emerging Artists Series helps developing artists at a point in their career when they really need it. Couple that with the opportunity for artists to gain practical experience using their microphones in a true concert setting, and you build lasting relationships.”

“It’s always great to see the Sennheiser gang at these kinds of festivals — I always feel like a superhero with new toys when they are around,” commented Chad Cherry from The Last Vegas. “I had a chance to try a ew 500-935 G3 with a chromed handheld and it perfectly suited my flavor of rock ‘n’ roll. When I’m singing with TLV, Sennheiser is the only microphone that can keep up with me on stage and deliver the goods.”

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