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Seymour-Screen Excellence Debuts Single-Masked A.T. Film Screen at 2016 CEDIA Expo

S-SE’s TAM-1T is an acoustically-transparent (A.T.) film screen that utilizes a single motorized A.T. masking system. Its top drop-down approach makes it possible to maintain a constant screen width across three different aspect ratios – and without the need for a lower mask. This is an industry-first.

TAM-1T also represents a cost savings of approximately 30% from that of the company’s popular TAM-2TB dual-masking film screen.  At the 2016 CEDIA Expo, TAM-1T will take center stage in an immersive theater demonstration hosted by S-SE, CDGi and Datasat featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS-X content.

Dallas, TX – September 13, 2016 – Seymour-Screen Excellence — the made-in-the-USA brand best known for its luxurious, reference-grade 4K acoustically transparent (A.T.) film screens — will tap the 2016 CEDIA Expo (booth #4454) to unveil its TAM-1T fixed-frame, single-masked, A.T. film screen.  An industry-first, TAM-1T utilizes a top drop-down mask approach to achieve motorized switching between any aspect ratio from 1.78 to 2.4.  (The width of the viewing area remains constant while the height can vary to match the required aspect ratio.)  Starting at $8,200 MSRP, the TAM-1T is the company’s most cost-efficient motorized masking film screen solution to date, and leverages its leadership position in the category.

The TAM-1T is built on the same luxurious Reference Series frame as the other TAM (True Aspect Masking) models (TAM-2 and TAM-4). The Reference Series border is the category’s thinnest (3.7-inches wide), and is finished in the company’s Infinite Black™ Velvet light-absorbing material, expertly framing the image.  The masking assembly motor boasts ultra-quiet, smooth operation and is neatly concealed behind the screen. In total the screen occupies a mere 5.8-inches from the wall.

The masking is made of an acoustically transparent black fabric, which complements the Enlightor4K screen surface, making a 100% acoustically transparent film screen system. Certified by ISF for color purity, Enlightor4K is a finely-woven fabric surface that does not compromise audio or video in any way and is the only acoustically transparent with no minimum seating distance and no frequency affect for audio.  An acoustically transparent film screen enables the center channel loudspeaker (and in many instances left and right front speakers) to be installed behind the film screen, putting all three on the same horizontal plane, for the utmost in realism.

“Our True Aspect Masking screens have become quite popular amongst dealers designing screening rooms on the higher-end of the spectrum,” says Seymour-Screen Excellence Managing Director Chris Seymour. “With TAM-1T we found a way to deliver comprehensive aspect ratio control without the somewhat costly second masking assembly. This represents a cost savings of approximately 30% less than the dual-masking systems. We see good opportunities for dealers to turn to TAM-1T for rooms where they are striving for the highest caliber theater experience however budget is a relevant factor.”

The TAM-1T is available in screen sizes ranging from 90- to 160-inches wide (103-184-inches diagonal). Custom sizes are available upon request.  

For all Seymour-Screen Excellence media inquiries, please contact Paul Muto via [email protected] or phone 631.849.4301.

About Seymour-Screen Excellence
Founded in 2010 as a joint venture by US-based Seymour AV and UK-based Screen Excellence, SSE combines the leadership and innovation of their acoustically transparent projection screen materials for high-end custom installers and specialty AV retailers in North America.  Using the latest in materials and design from Patrice Congard, originator of the modern acoustically transparent screen, the company’s state-of-the-art screens provide flawless picture quality and acoustic transparency, superior to traditional perforated screens or other less exacting woven screen materials.

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