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Shotoku USA Reveals Plans to Highlight the Latest Technology Developments in Remote Controlled Camera Systems at NAB 2022

Shotoku USA Reveals Plans to Highlight the Latest Technology Developments in Remote Controlled Camera Systems at NAB 2022

Advances in control panels add to remote and on-site capabilities for robotic camera systems and broaden appeal to wide range of applications

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – February 17, 2021 — Shotoku USA, Shotoku Broadcast Systems’ North American operation, has revealed plans to highlight features that boost functionality in production environments controlled either remotely or on-site. The well-established leader in manual and robotic camera support and virtual reality tracking will demonstrate its flagship SmartPed fully robotic XY pedestal with Orbit and LiveView features integrated into the TR-XT control panel, and its Orchestra CMS control system enhanced to enable quick and easy set-up in legislative or house of worship settings. Shotoku USA will also highlight its TG-18i Integrated Pan/Tilt Head and its Ti-11 elevator pedestal – both to be demonstrated with additional capabilities that broaden appeal to a wider range of budgets and applications. Demonstrations will be held in Booth #C5008.

“First of all, we are looking forward to seeing our customers, colleagues, and friends in person again,” stated James Eddershaw, CEO of Shotoku USA. “While Shotoku has always provided users with the capabilities to work remotely, the pandemic really drove home how critically important it is to have reliable and robust systems in place that incorporate the latest in technical advances. We are delighted to be showing our robotic control camera systems that represent best-in-breed technology and include upgraded control panels with features that combine creativity with commercially sensible solutions to address the vast variety of production environments.”

Shotoku’s TR-XT Control System will be shown with multiple enhancements, including Orbit and LiveView, that expand the capabilities of this already powerful and intuitive control system.

Shotoku’s SmartPed goes into Orbit

SmartPed, Shotoku’s state-of-the-art fully robotic XY pedestal, will once again be center stage at NAB 2022. New functionality has been incorporated into the TR-XT control panel – the flagship control system of the Shotoku platform – that is sending SmartPed into Orbit. Orbit is a functionality that allows the pedestal to travel in clockwise and counterclockwise movements around circular sets, a growing design element in today’s broadcast studios.

Traditionally, robotic pedestals moved in a straight line to the left or right using the “X” axis joystick, but now, by selecting the smart new Orbit function on Shotoku’s TR-XT Control Panel, the pedestal immediately translates the X-axis into a perfect arc around an orbital center point – usually the center of the set. The operator can move SmartPed smoothly clockwise or counterclockwise; free to concentrate on the framing of the shot without having to think about manually driving the pedestal base in an arc.

Orbit is a compliment to SmartPed’s Sequence mode, which has been a standard function of all Shotoku systems since the first release approximately 15 years ago. Sequence allows operators to complete complex curve motions by seamlessly moving through a series of key frames.

Both Orbit and Sequence are standard features of the TR-XT control system.

Click here to watch a short video explaining the Orbit and Sequence modes.


The TR-XT will also be demonstrated with the LiveView option that uses a secondary IP video camera to provide a wide-angle scene view for each camera. LiveView enables operators to command heads to new positions simply by touching on a wide-angled live video view of the studio, smoothly repositioning the head towards the selected presenter, guest, or other area of interest.

TG-47 – Latest addition to the Shotoku PT head family

Aimed at mid-sized payloads of up to 45lbs the TG-47 combines the size of the TG-27 with the capabilities of the TG-18.   The payload supports a typical box camera / ENG lens with mid-sized teleprompter.

Orchestra CMS – Legislative control made easy

Shotoku will be launching the latest version of Orchestra CMS. The new version brings a range of powerful enhancements and a significant update to the user interface making operation even simpler and more intuitive than ever. Fully automated and with live video touch-screen operation, Shotoku’s world-leading system can rapidly position multiple cameras to precisely defined positions in response to either an operator command or an external automated trigger. Advanced new setup features have been incorporated to increase operational flexibility and include a live video spotter camera, floor plan graphic, and/or automated microphone selection triggers.

TI-11 elevator pedestal integrated with third party PTZ cameras

Shotoku will launch the Ti-11 ‘PTE-Z’ – specifically aimed at budget-conscious situations where a third-party PTZ camera is used within a Shotoku system, but where the added benefit of elevation control is also required. With dedicated teleprompters for PTZ cameras also available, the complete setup becomes an attractive option for broadcasters when a mix of full-broadcast robotic camera systems and low cost integrated PTZ heads are needed for interview or news-flash areas.

TG-18i Integrated Pan/Tilt Head – Self Contained, High Payload, Simple Connectivity

The TG-18i, the latest version of the hugely successful TG-18 high-end studio pan/tilt head, provides a fully integrated head with high payload and simple connectivity.  All the key features which have made the TG-18 so successful remain – such as perfect motion and full manual override with fluid damping – all in a new self-contained package. When paired with the Ti-12 bolt-on height drive, the TG-18i is compatible with almost any studio pedestal.

Journalists: Click here to arrange a meeting with Shotoku at NAB 2022

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