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Sonnet Technologies IBC2015 Product Preview

IBC2015 Preview

Sept. 11-15

Sonnet Technologies

Stand 7.G02

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Company Overview:

Sonnet Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-PCIe(R) card expansion systems, pro media readers, RAID storage systems, and storage, network, and other interface cards for pro users in the audio, video, and broadcast industries. Sonnet’s Thunderbolt expansion products enable the use of pro audio I/O and DSP cards, pro video capture and transcoding cards, network and storage interface cards, and other high-performance PCIe cards with Thunderbolt technology-enabled computers. For nearly 30 years Sonnet has pioneered and brought to market innovative and award-winning products that enhance the performance and connectivity of Mac(R), Windows(R), and other industry-standard computers. More information is available at

Sonnet Technologies at IBC2015:

xMac(TM) Pro Server

Sonnet will feature the Avid(R)-qualified xMac(TM) Pro Server, an innovative rackmount solution with built-in Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) expansion for the latest Mac Pro(R). The xMac Pro Server securely mounts the computer horizontally inside a specially designed 4U modular enclosure, connects three PCIe 2.0 slots via Thunderbolt 2 technology, and provides space to install additional equipment in two 5.25-inch mobile rack bays. By supporting every Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card available, the xMac Pro Server enables audio-video professionals to use the high-performance expansion cards they need with the latest Mac Pro. Through the installation of optional Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kits into the xMac Pro Server, users may easily connect hard drives, SSDs, and other devices to the Mac Pro.


Image Caption: Sonnet xMac(TM) Pro Server Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) Expansion System and 4U Rackmount Enclosure for New Mac Pro(R) Computers, Shown With Optional Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit

xMac(TM) mini Server

Sonnet’s award-winning xMac(TM) mini Server securely mounts a Mac(R) mini inside a specially designed 1U rackmount enclosure and connects two PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) 2.0 slots via Thunderbolt(TM) 2 technology, enabling users to harness the power of full-size, high-performance PCIe cards. The latest xMac mini Server adds a Thunderbolt 2 interface to support maximum performance with the newest Mac mini, and is the quietest model yet.


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies xMac(TM) mini Server, Shown With Top Cover Removed

Echo(TM) Express Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) Card Expansion Systems

Sonnet’s award-winning and versatile Echo(TM) Express family of Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-PCIe(R) card expansion chassis, available in one-, two-, or three-PCIe slot configurations, enable computers with Thunderbolt ports to interface with a wide variety of high-performance PCIe cards. At IBC2015, Sonnet will feature the Avid(R)-qualified Echo Express III-D (desktop) and Echo Express III-R (rackmount) chassis, the first devices of their kind to ship with 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 interfaces. Both systems support up to three full-length, full-height, single-width PCIe cards with one x16 and two x8 PCIe slots. Also on display will be the dual-slot Echo Express SE II and the new single-slot Echo Express SE I, compact and lightweight desktop chassis that accommodate half-length (up to 7.75 inches long), full-height PCIe cards and include an additional slot space to mount an adjacent daughter card. The refreshed Echo Express SEL, an even more compact and lightweight desktop chassis accommodating a single low-profile PCIe expansion card, will also be on hand.


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Echo(TM) Express III-D With Thunderbolt(TM) 2


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Echo(TM) Express III-R With Thunderbolt(TM) 2, Shown With Optional Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Echo(TM) Express SE I With Thunderbolt(TM) 2


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Echo(TM) Express SE II With Thunderbolt(TM) 2


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Echo(TM) Express SEL With Thunderbolt(TM) 2

NEW: Fusion(TM) PCIe(R) Flash Drive

The newest member of Sonnet’s growing family of Thunderbolt(TM) 2 technology products, the Fusion PCIe Flash drive is a rugged, pocket-size solid-state drive (SSD) storage device with 256GB or 512GB storage capacity. The Fusion PCIe Flash Drive serves as an ultrafast alternative to USB thumb drives and portable SATA-based hard disk drive and SSD storage products, connecting to a compatible Mac(R) or Windows(R) computer or at the end of a Thunderbolt device daisy chain via an attached Thunderbolt cable. Designed for anyone needing high-speed storage capabilities, the Fusion PCIe Flash Drive can be used as an ultrafast shuttle drive or a take-anywhere drive for editing 4K video at offsite shoots, supporting data transfers at more than 1,300 MB/s. 


Image Caption: Sonnet Fusion(TM) PCIe(R) Flash Drive

Twin 10G Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-Dual-Port Copper 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Adapter

Sonnet Technologies’ Twin 10G Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-Dual-Port Copper 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Adapter offers users a simple, cost-effective solution for adding lightning-fast 10GbE network connectivity to any computer with Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt ports. Featuring 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 technology, the Twin 10G adapter enables users to connect to high-speed infrastructure and storage systems at speeds up to 10 times that of Gigabit Ethernet. Support for Wake-on-LAN, coupled with ultracool and exceptionally quiet operation, make the Twin 10G suitable for supporting both workstation and server environments.


Image Caption: Sonnet Twin 10G Thunderbolt(TM) 2-to-Dual-Port Copper 10GbE Adapter

NEW: Thunderbolt(TM) Pro P2 Card Reader

Sonnet’s Thunderbolt(TM) Pro P2 Card Reader is the fastest and most cost-effective single-slot P2 memory card reader available. Able to ingest footage from P2 memory cards at up to 70 MB/s, the device supports all P2 memory cards and frame rates at maximum speed, and also reads microP2 cards with an optional adapter. The Thunderbolt Pro P2 is bus-powered and connects directly to any Mac(R) computer with a Thunderbolt port with an included Thunderbolt cable. 


Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Thunderbolt(TM) Pro P2 Card Reader

NEW: Tempo(TM) SSD Solid State Drive (SSD) Cards

Sonnet Technologies will show its Tempo(TM) PCIe(R) SSD PCI Express(R) (PCIe) solid state drive (SSD) card with 512GB M.2 SSD module, and the Tempo SSD Pro Plus 6Gbps SATA dual 2.5-inch SSD PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 card with eSATA(R) ports. The Sonnet adapters serve as ultrafast alternatives to traditional internal and external storage solutions, mounting one or two high-performance SSDs on a PCIe adapter card that installs into a computer’s or Thunderbolt(R)-to-PCIe card expansion system’s expansion card slots. The Tempo cards deliver performance unmatched by spinning-disk drive solutions — transferring data at up to 1,500 MB/s (Tempo PCIe SSD) or 960 MB/s (Tempo SSD Pro Plus) — and enable users to add high-performance storage easily without occupying additional workspace.


Image Caption: Sonnet Tempo(TM) PCIe(R) SSD PCI Express(R) SSD Card With 512GB PCIe SSD Module


Image Caption: Sonnet Tempo(TM) SSD Pro Plus 6Gbps SATA Dual 2.5-inch SSD PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) 2.0 Card With eSATA(R) Ports

NEW: Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt(TM) Cables

Sonnet will showcase its new line of Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt(TM) Cables designed to connect computers and devices over longer distances in a wide variety of production environments. Thunderbolt 2- and Thunderbolt-compatible, the Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cables deliver performance equal to copper Thunderbolt cables (which are limited to lengths 3 meters or shorter), yet are very thin and lightweight, easy to route, and as tough as copper cables. Available in lengths of 5.5, 10, 30, and 60 meters, the Sonnet Optical Thunderbolt Cables are ideal in situations requiring the computer to be segregated from other equipment. 

Image Link:

Image Caption: Sonnet Technologies Optical Thunderbolt(TM) Cables

Echo(TM) 15+ Thunderbolt(TM) 2 Dock

Sonnet will show the Echo(TM) 15+ Thunderbolt(TM) 2 Dock, a fully featured docking station for computers with Thunderbolt ports. The Echo 15+ enables users to connect multiple devices to a central hub, and then connect to all of them with a single cable. On the outside, the Echo 15+ features four USB 3.0, two 6Gbps eSATA, one FireWire(R) 800, one Gigabit Ethernet, two 3.5 mm audio input, two 3.5 mm audio output, and two Thunderbolt 2 interfaces. The Echo 15+ includes the user’s choice of an 8x DVD±RW drive, a Blu-ray(TM) BD-ROM/8x DVD±RW drive with Blu-ray player software for OS X(R), or a Blu-ray burner 4x BD-R/8x DVD±RW drive. The Echo 15+ even provides the space, mounting support, and 6Gbps interfaces for one or two internal SATA drives.

Image Link:

Image Caption: Sonnet Echo(TM) 15+ Thunderbolt(TM) 2 Dock

Company Quote:

“At Sonnet, we offer the industry’s most powerful and yet cost-effective and easy-to-use tools for transforming and streamlining production and postproduction workflows through the high-performance device and display connectivity of Thunderbolt 2. IBC2015 is the ideal venue for showcasing our latest innovations, such as the all-new Fusion PCIe Flash Drive — a rugged, pocket-size solid-state drive storage device that connects to compatible Mac and Windows computers via an attached Thunderbolt cable, and is capable of supporting 4K video editing with data transfers of more than 1,300 MB/s.” 

— Greg LaPorte, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonnet Technologies

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