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SP Controls Introduces SP-SW8X8 CatLinc Matrix Switcher

SP Controls has announced its new SP-SW8X8 CatLinc Matrix Switcher, a signal routing interface for the company’s versatile CatLinc Plus video distribution products. Using proven technology for transmission of video signals over CAT6 cables, CatLinc Plus products provide interchangeable connections for HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs and outputs. The CatLinc Matrix Switcher enables fast connection of any combination of these inputs and outputs, and provides switching between and to any type of input and output. For example, the switcher easily routes a VGA input to an HDMI output, or DVI input to a VGA-and-audio output.

When used in conjunction with SP Controls’ NRC Networked Room Controller and PixiePro wall-mount control panels, the SP-SW8X8 CatLinc Matrix Switcher forms a hub for seamless control of all audio and video sources in a room. “Because our CatLinc Plus extenders are interchangeable, this system essentially future-proofs an installation,” said SP Controls’ Gary Arcudi. “As technology changes, you only need to replace the CatLinc Plus transmitters and receivers while leaving the matrix switcher in place. It’s simple, easy to work with and cost effective.”

About SP Controls:

Headquartered in South San Francisco, CA, SP Controls has revolutionized audiovisual control technology since 1997 with innovative, easy-to-use, and inexpensive products for classrooms and collaboration rooms. In addition to its line of control systems, SP Controls created the popular Doceri tablet-based interactive whiteboard systems used by teachers and presenters worldwide.

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