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On Jan. 1, SpringDeck is launching a free “SpringDeck Lite” version of its app for dealers to use when presenting products from the SpringDeck Store. This will give dealers the capability to use the SpringDeck platform to quickly organize and seamlessly present products from featured vendors during sales meetings.

“SpringDeck users are experiencing great results in time management, sales activities, marketing effectiveness and growth, and we want others to experience the SpringDeck platform too,” said Ryan Sullivan, CEO of SpringDeck.

Dealers can use SpringDeck Lite on their iPad and through an online browser, but it can only be accessed with an exclusive SpringDeck Lite promo code direct from a featured vendor. Once dealers use the promo code, SpringDeck will automatically download the featured product libraries, so dealers can get to work presenting products right away.

To get an exclusive free promo code, dealers should call their top vendors and ask about SpringDeck Lite. A premium version of the SpringDeck app software is available at for only $25 per month.

SpringDeck® is a sales software that brings together products, sales teams and potential clients. With the SpringDeck App, products are available at a touch of a screen, sales teams are prepared for the pitch, and clients are impressed with a customized product experience. For more information, visit or follow SpringDeck at Twitter and Facebook.


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