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Staging Techniques Adds To Reputation For Excellence With JBL VERTEC® Line Arrays

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Reinforcing JBL VERTECA® as the most versatile, visually discreet line array system in the industry, Staging Techniques, one of the country’s leading event and show production companies, recently added 48 VERTEC VT4888 midsize line array elements to its inventory. With offices in Atlanta, Hollywood, New York and Seattle, Staging Techniques provides a complete array of production support services for events, including audio/video production, lighting design, production management and venue coordination.

Bryce Will, General Manager for Staging Techniques’ Seattle office, cited VERTEC’s rider-friendly qualities as a major factor in the purchasing decision. “Though our business is largely corporate event support, there is always the possibility that an entertainment rider will impact our system specifications,”? Will said. “In such cases VERTEC will always be accepted as a high-performance PA system. Secondly, JBL’s service and support are recognized as the best in the industry. If there is ever a problem, they can respond quickly and efficiently with vast support resources. Thirdly, JBL’s position in the Harman Pro group of companies makes it possible for us to deploy a complete, integrated package including Crown amplifiers, dbx signal processing and the VERTEC line array loudspeakers.”?

According to Will, the small footprint of VERTEC midsize line array loudspeakers was another major factor in purchasing the system. “A typical challenge for us is designing around projection or other video display screens, lighting trusses and camera angles, all of which are production elements we supply regularly for our clients,”? Will said. “The relatively small footprint of a VERTEC line array system when compared to a conventional one is a huge asset in our day-to-day operations. The savings in layout time alone is a tremendous advantage.”?

Further lowering Staging Techniques’ total cost of ownership of the VERTEC system is the product’s easy suspension and setup. “VERTEC is very easy to install and strike, another obvious benefit with respect to labor and venue costs–less cable, fewer speakers and amplifiers, and much higher performance over a conventional, distributed system,”? Will said. “We are very pleased with the system from an operational perspective, from truck pack to setup speed to sonic performance. When properly designed during pre-production and optimized for the space, the system comes out of the truck, gets rigged and just works.”?

Once Staging Techniques purchased the VERTEC system, members of Staging Techniques’ staff attended a certified VERTEC Training Program session at the JBL Professional headquarters in Northridge, California. “We all recognize that the line array is a different animal than conventional speaker systems,”? Will added. “Getting our staff up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible was vital to rolling out our new system. We finished the system commissioning and two days later the system was flown and working on a show. The first-rate training at JBL made this possible.”?

Staging Techniques has already deployed the VERTEC system for many corporate events and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. “Our client list includes some of the most demanding corporate buyers in the technology, financial services and consumer products industries,”? Will added. “A number of these very demanding clients that have heard the new system in action have, without exception, been very impressed.”?

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