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Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture, & Art Center Chooses RTS

Suzhou, China

The Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture, & Art Center is the newly-established cultural landmark of Suzhou City in China. Designed by master architect Paul Andreu, the center features a 1,200-seat grand theater, an entertainment restaurant, IMAX movie theater, seven film projection halls, a 33,000mA² commercial center, and a crescent-shaped open square. The state-of-the-art facility is the largest-scaled and best-equipped multi-functional scientific and cultural complex in the history of Suzhou.

State-of-the-art facilities require state-of-the-art communications. This is why the Center in Suzhou is equipped with a pair of

Zeus DSP intercom matrices

by RTS. The

Zeus DSP matrix intercom system

not only provides superior performance and reliability for all communications needs, but can also function as the heart of a complete audio mixing/routing and control systems for many facilities.


Zeus DSP matrix intercom system

features the same programmability and legendary reliability as the top-of-the-line

ADAM frame

, but in a package that is better suited for smaller installations such as theaters and other performance venues. The


provides 24 channels of high-quality audio in a compact 2


package. Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS Digital Matrix Intercom line of


, or four-wire inputs and outputs.

Combined with an assortment of

KP-32 classic series keypanels


BP-325 dual-channel beltpacks

, and an array of

BTR-800 synthesized dual-channel wireless intercom systems

, RTS ensures that communication within the multi-functional complex is seamless and reliable. Even when multiple events are occurring simultaneously, the RTS intercom system connects the right people together.

For wired communication, the Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture, & Art Center chose the widely-popular dual-channel

BP-325 beltpack

. The


is a portable user station for use with

RTS Two-Wire intercom systems

. The


is a binaural (stereo) programmable two-channel


with program-in capability. The


is connected to the

Zeus Matrix

system through a

RTS Two-Wire Intercom power supply

and a

SSA-324 interface

. To provide even greater flexibility and connectivity options, the


was also connected to the telephone system via

TIF-2000A digital telephone interfaces

. The


provides bi-directional communication between the

intercom matrix

and a standard


capable telephone line. It allows the phone to access all cross points of the


, as well as dynamic partylines,


circuits, and other forms of communications.


provides a transparent link to the telephone system enabling full dial-out capability from any designated


with keypad. The


has full dial-in capability giving the caller a


on the system via commands from the


pad on their telephone.

The Suzhou Science, Technology, Culture, & Art Center is a grand, multi-function facility that will surely raise the profile of the surrounding community. To ensure smooth operation, communication is key. That is why the Center in Suzhou chose the best name in intercom, RTS.

For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website:

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