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Swedish sound innovators Dirac and Sudio collaborate on new cutting-edge true wireless stereo headphones

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and Swedish designer and manufacturer of premium headphones and speakers Sudio today announced that the two companies are collaborating to integrate Dirac’s patented sound optimization technology into next-generation Sudio headphones. Sudio plans to release their first Dirac-enabled product in Summer 2021: a pair of Sudio TWS (True Wireless System) headphones featuring Dirac’s award-winning spatial audio solution.

“Sweden has long been a major force within the music industry – first with DJs and producers and more recently with streaming and other audio tech companies,” said Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s Head of Business Development, Streaming & Headphones. “Our combined commitment to advancing audio tech from here in Sweden makes this collaboration significant both for the Swedish music scene and the global audio industry. We look forward to working with Sudio to help them create a headphone that is as powerful and immersive as it is beautifully-designed.”

The upcoming Sudio TWS headphones will boast a dual-core processor chipset that features Dirac’s spatial audio solution, which is embedded directly into the headphone chipset to deliver spatial audio independent of playback device or media player – for elevated music listening, gaming, movie watching, and business communication experiences. 

Sudio headphones demonstrate the ideal marriage of design and performance – a product that makes a visual statement while still prioritizing sonic performance above all else,” stated Johan Gawell, Founder & CEO of Sudio. “With both companies based in Sweden, we’ve been able to monitor close-up Dirac’s category-redefining sound optimization tech – and view it to be a key piece to creating headphones that push the boundaries of the consumer audio experience. We look forward to launching this new TWS headphone, and all of the collaboration to come.” 

Dirac’s spatial audio solution for headphones comes with two key features: spatial audio and speaker optimization. The spatial audio feature is enabled by Dirac’s patented Dynamic HRTF technology, creating an immersive stereo listening experience from standard stereo content similar to what is achievable with a home theater system–without requiring specifically encoded spatial audio content. 

The speaker optimization feature is delivered by Dirac’s patented magnitude response correction and impulse response correction, digitally enhancing headphone performance without an expensive hardware upgrade. The result is maximized sound quality–with clearer, balanced sound with richer, tighter bass.

The company’s leading-edge technology also enhances audio for smartphones, automobiles, and home theaters, through collaborations with brands such as ASUS, OPPO, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Harman, among many others.

Sudio designs and sells stunning earbuds, headphones, and portable speakers, including the sleek, rich-sounding Sudio Tolv and Sudio Ett noise-cancelling earbuds. 

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