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Symetrix Ushers In New DSP Era at Austin Peay University Football Stadium

SymNet open architecture Dante-scalable DSPs were selected to bring processing power and flexibility to the Tennessee, US, facility.


Originally constructed in 1946, the Governors Stadium in Clarksville, Tennessee, is the long-term home of the Austin Peay University Governors football team. The 10,000-capacity facility has recently been the subject of a major renovation program, and in the latest phase of work its audio system has been revolutionized with a multi-brand design that includes processing and control technology from Symetrix.

Union City-based Lowrance Sound Company had worked with the university previously. For this latest project the firm was asked to provide a new system that included a networkable DSP and digital audio distribution solution which would be cost-effective and flexible, as well as rugged and reliable.

The Symetrix product family was considered early on in the process, says Lowrance Sound Company founder and president Mark Lowrance, not least because he has “been using Symetrix successfully on projects for ten years now – encompassing auditoriums, arenas and stadiums in a host of locations.”

As part of its work on the Austin Peay stadium, Lowrance Sound Company needed to install a future-proofed networking solution. Having determined that this should be based around Audinate’s popular Dante protocol, it was a logical move for Lowrance to put the Dante-scalable SymNet Radius AEC and SymNet Edge open architecture DSPs at the heart of his design

“We wanted a DSP with built-in Dante so we could create our infrastructure around the networking technology,” says Lowrance. “The choice of Symetrix DSPs meant that the programming and set-up were very simple and straightforward – a real bonus on such a fast track project.”A 

In addition to one SymNet Radius AEC and one SymNet Edge DSP, a total of 20 Symetrix ARC2e menu-driven wall panels were also provided, connected via a dedicated RS485 ARC (Adaptive Remote Control) network running over Cat5 and powered by three ARC-PS wall panel power supply units.

“Suites now have individually controlled systems using the ARC2e remotes in each,” says Lowrance. “The design features two Ashly Audio 8-channel Dante-capable amplifiers and one SymNet Radius AEC with option cards and Dante connecting them for the suites and lobby spaces only.A  It’s a really nice set-up.”

Along with Symetrix DSPs and Ashly Audio amplifiers, Lowrance Sound Company also installed One Systems weatherproof speakers in the scoreboard cluster and on the concourse, Atlas Sound ceiling speakers, Shure digital wireless microphones and a Soundcraft mixer as part of its efforts to take Austin Peay stadium’s audio capabilities to a new level.A  Lowrance also provided the ability for remote monitoring and control of the system DSP and networked amplifiers.A 

Looking back on the project, Lowrance reports a highly positive response from venue operators and personnel: “Everyone is happy with the new audio system. Bass response is good, coverage is excellent, and all-in-all there is a dramatic improvement over the previous audio system.A 

“We are delighted by the performance of the new installation, and the Symetrix DSPs have been integral to achieving this great end-result,” he concludes.

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