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Tecom Electronics supplied and installed advanced AV equipment at the university

Tecom Electronics supplied and installed advanced audio video equipment in meeting rooms at the university both for the convenience of the faculty staff and for the daily use of the students.

The university team examined advanced audio-video equipment and upgrading to smart hybrid boardrooms with an option to study and work also remotely. The team chose to equip Tecom AV solutions.

TecPodium advanced AV solutions can be equipped in every boardroom or classroom for the convenient of the users and for the ease of use. TecPodium AV solutions are reliable and simple to use, upgrading the learning and working experience in each classroom or boardroom.

In the new boardrooms upgrading project, Tecom installed advanced AV equipment: video conference systems, capture systems for recording meetings and lectures, PTZ cameras, screens and projectors, microphones for high-quality audio and more, for the convenience of students and staff who can teach, study and work remotely.

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