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Tecom Group And Jünger Audio Announced Release Of Two Advanced Products For Loudness Control

Broadcasters will benefit from a line of products for exceptional loudness control and normalization during content production and distribution.

Tecom Group, a leading software developer in broadcasting and telecommunications, and Jünger Audio, a renowned digital audio processors manufacturer, have become technology partners and announced the release of two advanced products for loudness control and normalization – LA Playout and LA Production.

“The partnership with Jünger Audio brought along development of a line of products for complete loudness control at different stages of content production and distribution,” comments Alexander Kabanov, General Manager at Tecom Group. “We are very proud that our new loudness control tools will help customers’ to ensure their loudness compliance at ease.”

LA Playout features the integration of Jünger audio Level Magic™ processors with Tecom Group’s Loudness Analyzer software. At the end of processing, loudness values are logged and transferred to a special light version of J*AM Loudness Logger. LA Playout receives data from J*AM, relates it to a broadcast schedule and carries out a comparative analysis of the loudness level for program blocks, advertisements and announcements, etc. This allows for quick and easy detection of on-air loudness deviations. All the measurement data is delivered over network and does not require any additional hardware. The solution carries out the analysis in near real time, thus broadcasters may access analytical reports whenever they want to ensure compliance with loudness regulations and a high quality of broadcasting service.

LA Production is an application for file-based loudness measurement and normalization. Its latest version utilizes the original adaptive Level Magic™ algorithm which allows broadcasters to comply with all current international loudness standards while preserving a high audio quality. The system normalizes files with a multi-stage design. As a result, the audio is compliant with a selected standard but free of any unwanted artefacts such as pumping, breathing or distortion. The application works in automatic and manual modes. In auto mode, files from a watch folder are analyzed and normalized if necessary. A frame-accurate video player and audio channel mapping option can be named among other useful features of LA Production.

Peter Poers, New Business Manager for Jünger Audio says: “We are very excited by our collaboration with Tecom Group, which we see as a major benefit to our international clients, especially those in Russia who now have a qualified solution for loudness measurement and logging. Our partnership will enable Tecom customers to comply with loudness regulations and it will also give Jünger Audio customers access to an expanded solutions portfolio.”

The joint solutions by Tecom Group and Jünger Audio will be demonstrated at the IBC conference in Amsterdam in September, 15-19 at Jünger Audio’s booth 10.A49.


About Tecom Group

Tecom Group is a leading software developer in broadcasting and telecommunications. Many years of experience and a great number of successfully delivered projects allow the company to act as an expert in a whole range of IT related areas. The proprietary product line includes a number of unique developments and customized solutions from compliance recording and broadcast quality monitoring to mobile inventory tracking and sales management solutions.

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