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Tedial Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Tedial Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Tedial’s smartWork no-code, cloud-native architecture transforms complex workflows into simplified processes

Malaga, Spain – March 21st, 2023 – Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, has today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a technology partner giving organizations easy access to different media & entertainment services and applications provided by Tedial’s smartWork cloud-native, no-code media integration platform.

The Google Cloud Partner Advantage program enables tech companies and service providers to sell, manage and support Google Cloud products and solutions. The program is designed to help partners deliver customer excellence while driving growth by providing access to resources, tools, and support from Google Cloud.

Says Julián Fernández-Campón, Tedial CTO, “Tedial is proud to join the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a technology partner. smartWork, our cloud-native no-code media integration platform, underwent a rigorous testing and approval process to achieve this designation, including a solution architecture technical review, and deployment and testing on Google Cloud’s infrastructure using the services available for cost optimization and maximize the performance (GKE, Google Cloud Storage, Database, AI tools, etc.) to build an effective and real cloud native solution in Google Cloud. Receiving this designation is proof that Tedial complied with Google Cloud’s best practices usage requirements and that the platform is well-architected from a technical standpoint in terms of security, scalability, cost-efficiency, and operational excellence, is also well documented and has a clearly defined business model and SLAs.”

“By bringing its platform to Google Cloud’s globally trusted infrastructure, customers seeking different media & entertainment services and applications can easily access Tedial’s smartWork cloud-native, no-code media integration platform”, said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Partnership at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to welcome Tedial to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage ecosystem, and to help support users to define and implement integrations autonomously.”

smartWork, a cloud-native, no-code media integration platform, democratizes business processes by empowering users to define and implement integrations autonomously – without vendor participation – creating workflows in a simplified, flexible and agile manner.

Aligned with Movielabs’ 2030 Vision for Media Creation, smartWork removes time-consuming and complex configurations via a common user interface that guarantees an optimal experience and easy access to all applications, external systems (including any legacy MAMs, PAMs and DAMs ensuring business continuity), and features self-validation. A simple toolset allows users to concentrate on creativity and make the data-driven decisions necessary to quickly adapt to market or supply changes.

smartWork speeds up the digital transformation with cloud capabilities that enable media services to be quickly built and deployed via Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and evolve as business needs change by adding or adjusting business processes. As a Google Cloud partner, Tedial offers a path to even tighter integration with other Google Cloud media services such as Google Video AI, Google Transcoder, and Cloud Speech-to-Text. Additional smartWork benefits include seamless and effortless integrations, reduced costs and improved profitability and enhanced team collaboration, all leading to accelerated growth.

Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use tools designed to achieve seamless, effortless integrations
  • All services available as apps and capable of being implemented in a few steps
  • No vendor lock in – services implemented with a specific system can be changed for another from a different vendor without affecting the rest
  • Flexibility and scalability – users without a deep technical knowledge can easily change and evolve business processes using a NoCode design tool
  • Self-Sufficiency – no vendor services needed to manage the platform
  • Agility and quick time to market – business needs are addressed as new developments emerge
  • Low Risk – easy prototyping – new tools can be tested easily and quickly, minimizing risk
  • Tailor to each customer needs
  • Grow with the business at your own pace
  • Reduced TCO and Improved ROI
  • Future-proof

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