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Tedial Launches smartWork in Europe at IBC 2022 and demonstrates new Media Services

Following the Platform’s recent launch, outstanding new features that will facilitate use by non-technical users and increase customers’ self-sufficiency have been added and are ready to show at IBC

Following the Platform’s recent launch, outstanding new features that will facilitate use by non-technical users and increase customers’ self-sufficiency have been added and are ready to show at IBC

Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, is introducing its next-generation, cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform, smartWork to the EMEA M&E market at IBC 2022, on stand 10.D30. Following the Platform’s launch in April 2022, Tedial will demonstrate how its new for IBC features will improve business processes for Media companies.

Visitors to IBC 2022 will see how Tedial’s smartWork Media Integration Platform decouples the customary orchestration capabilities embedded in the systems that broadcasters have traditionally been using (MAM, DAM, PAM, CMS). It offers a framework where all the systems are integrated in the same way, based on three key pillars: Common Interface; Common Datamodel; and Common Workspace, where applications go to the media and not the media to the applications.

The M&E market is changing rapidly, impacted by evolving consumer behaviours. Users want seamless, effortless integrations and developers want to spend less time on repetitive software programming tasks and integration maintenance. The days of the traditional, complex monolithic content management systems, which generate huge dependence on software vendors to provide the agility required to integrate new applications within the digital ecosystem, are over. Tedial’s NoCode approach revolutionizes productivity making the Media Integration Platform accessible to everyone, from non-technical users to citizen-developers. And, because it follows Infrastructure as Code (IaC), smartWork can be deployed on-premises, on any cloud or in a hybrid architecture for incredible flexibility. Business continuity can easily be achieved with smartWork as the current systems can be integrated and improve operation by adding new business processes or cloud operation.

smartWork NoCode workflow editor empowers non-technical users to define or re-adapt workflows to business needs. With smartWork, a new business operation is just a Drag&Drop action. No more tedious vendor services will be required for daily operational changes.

smartWork platform can easily be updated/upgraded from the Tedial Cloud repository via the Artifactory UI, which enables non-technical users to update services, workflows and integration systems to the latest version with just a few clicks.

smartWork includes a complete Business Intelligence tool for customer self-sufficiency that enables them to take full platform control. So, customers will be able to decide which processes can be modified to reduce costs without business impact.

Julian Fernandez- Campon, CTO Tedial explains, “We’re really looking forward to getting back to IBC and showing the European market the huge benefits that smartWork delivers. No one can predict the future and the way companies operate can change from night-to-day. smartWork’s NoCode approach enables the design of scalable, future-proof solutions and media services for the M&E industry, accessible to everybody everywhere, that can be seamlessly aligned with business needs to add value. “

smartWork benefits include:
• No vendor lock in – services implemented with a specific system can be changed for another from a different vendor without affecting the rest
• Flexibility and scalability – users without a deep technical knowledge can easily change and evolve business processes using a NoCode design tool
• Self-Sufficiency – no vendor services needed to manage the platform
• Agility and quick time to market – new business needs can be addressed
• Low Risk – easy prototyping – new tools can be tested easily and quickly, minimizing the risk
• Tailor to each customer needs
• Grow with the business at your own pace
• Reduced TCO and Improved ROI
• Future-proof

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