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TEKVOX Announces Support for AMX AV Control With New Touchscreens and Enabling Technology for Android and Windows Devices

TEKVOX has expanded its support of touchscreen user interfaces to offer educational and corporate markets more efficient and cost-effective AV tech control.

TEKVOX now supplies AMX-compatible color touchscreens in the form of its 78041A-TCX7 7-inch and 78042A-TCX9 9-inch tech controllers.  Other options include larger touchscreens with our new 78043-IoT-TekController-IoT. These new compatible touchscreens can also include video input options. So if your CV10 or TPI-4 has failed and you want to have video without a lot of delay, TEKVOX has a solution.

“We’ve seen a number of customers who are unhappy having to buy expensive proprietary touchscreen hardware and software to work with popular control systems,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart.  “Although we factory-program the touchscreens for our own Drop-In solutions, other manufacturers put the responsibility for programming their costly control platforms in the hands of the customer and integrator.  We recognized the need for touchscreen interfaces that were both less expensive and more flexible for the user.”

“Our breakthrough unchains customers from the tyranny of proprietary hardware,” says Reinhart.  “This allows integrators to supply a range of lower-cost touchscreen devices to their customers while the full functionality of the control software remains unchanged. It also gives customers a bring-your-own-device option by enabling their preferred open hardware platform.”

TEKVOX 78041A-TCX7 and 78042A-TCX9 tech controllers are now available as is TEKVOX support of Android and Windows touchscreens.

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