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Telecine’s Launches Fun Weather Report Mash Ups for Digital Signage

Lifestyle is a subscription based digital signage content feed that mashes up data to aid decision making for activity based pursuits. You get automated content can indicate the weather, tides, and other conditions

Telecine Lifestyle 2Montreal, QC – April 25, 2022 – Telecine Multimedia, a media company specializing in digital signage content has launched their third subscription-based content service called LifeStyle. This digital signage solution puts information in front of people and mashes up weather data to help decision-making for doing activities people love. Forecasts tuned to personal lifestyles and pursuits is the driver behind a fun, light-hearted new automated subscription content service from Telecine that complements the weather content used on many digital signage networks.

“I love nothing more than to take my dog Arthur out for long hikes, but it’s not so fun when the weather turns abruptly. With LifeStyle I can get an hourly forecast. Maybe you want to go for a sail, wouldn’t it be nice to know not only the forecast but wind and tidal times? These auto-updated, customizable subscription feeds are meant as light-hearted complements to familiar weather services provided by multiple resources, not as replacements. But the information is just as timely, built around “mash-ups” of data from trusted resources like national weather services. Forecasts tuned to personal lifestyles and pursuits is the driver of our new content solution, LifeStyle,” says Justin Lachovsky, Director of Sales, and Marketing for Telecine.

Content for LifeStyle is built in HTML5 – web-based presentation technology that allows easy animation and dynamic content updates. Content sequences have a first and second component, showing general conditions like temperature and humidity, and then color coded green, amber, red indicators for the other readings. Versions are available in landscape and portrait screen orientations, and in light and dark background versions. The subscription-based content goes beyond sky conditions and temperatures to look at what upcoming weather might mean for that day. It’s automated, designed in a lighthearted way, and easily merged into the schedules of almost any mainstream digital signage platform.

For more information about LifeStyle, contact Telecine via their website , or via their social media platforms TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

About Telecine
Telecine is a 35-year-old media and software company focused on raising the bar of great content for digital signage. Fortune 500 clients from around the world rely on Telecine to solve their communication challenges by leveraging the very best signage content solutions. If the best solution does not yet exist, Telecine develops it. Telecine regularly contributes to the industry by sharing best practices on-line and in live speaking engagements. The goal is to help everyone learn from the mistakes of others. Successful installations benefit the industry and all stakeholders. Telecine has always believed in the huge potential of digital signage as a powerful communication medium. That potential can only be achieved with current, captivating, and relevant information, displayed in the most appropriate, compelling, and painless way possible.

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Brandy Alvarado-Miranda
BAM Marketing & PR Agency
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