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Telecine’s Content Queen is offering a Digital Signage Master Class

Montreal based, Telecine is a media company specializing in Digital Signage. Telecine’s Content Queen, Nicky, is presenting the free Digital Signage Master Class over the next 8 weeks. Attendees will learn how to keep patrons informed and engaged through tried and true methodologies. Attendees will learn of digital signage tips and resources like Project Planning, Software, Data Analytics, Digital Signage Templates, Audience Measurement, and much more.

Montreal, QC – September 23, 2021 – Telecine Multimedia, a media company specializing in digital signage content, recently announced a Digital Signage Master Class offered by their Content Queen, Nicky. This free course will span eight (8) weeks and cover a bevy of digital signage tips and resources like Project Planning, Software, Data Analytics, Digital Signage Templates, Audience Measurement, and much more.

“We designed this course for individuals or company’s looking to capture and engage their customers through digital signage content. We compiled resources, tips, and tricks to help communicate a company’s brand and messaging more effectively through compelling content. You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King.” Well, Nicky’s our Content Queen and a fantastic (and quirky) teacher as well. After taking her 8-week course, a time investment of a few minutes a week, students will gain a solid understanding of how to create a digital signage experience that will keep patrons informed and engaged. After all, there are so many mistakes to make… why not learn from the mistakes others have made.” says James Fine, President of Telecine.

Telecine has been around for over 35 years. Their clients include many well-known brands in the finance, retail, and real-estate sectors. Over the years, this award-winning team has presented courses on Digital Signage Content at DSE as well as InfoComm. They take pride and passion in their work. They deliver extraordinary content with products that enhance the digital signage experience with a personalized channel and an all-in-one media management solution.

For more information, or to sign up for Nicky’s Digital Signage Master Class, please visit their website, or via their social media platforms TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

About Telecine
Telecine is a 35-year-old media and software company focussed on raising the bar of great content for digital signage.  Fortune 500 clients from around the world rely on Telecine to solve their communication challenges by leveraging the very best signage content solutions. If the best solution does not yet exist, Telecine develops it. Telecine regularly contributes to the industry by sharing best practices on-line and in live speaking engagements. The goal is to help everyone learn from the mistakes of others. Successful installations benefit the industry and all stakeholders. Telecine has always believed in the huge potential of digital signage as a powerful communication medium. That potential can only be achieved with current, captivating, and relevant information, displayed in the most appropriate, compelling, and painless way possible.

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