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Televic Conference Introduces Plixus AE-R Engine for Wired/Wireless Conference Networks

TELEVIC CONFERENCE, distributed in the USA by Aveo Systems, has introduced the Plixus® AE-R, a new audio engine for the company’s flagship conferencing system that combines full conference functionality and audio recording in a convenient, quiet,single-rack unit package. The new engine does not require a PC during meetings and makes it easy to combine wired and wireless conferencing systems to support flexible room layouts and more applications. It also includes a new web interface that makes it easy to configure, manage, and record meetings.

The Plixus AE-R engine’s streamlined front panel brings important controls within easy access with a simple volume dial and record button. Integrated storage in the engine ensures flawless recording of multichannel meetings on internal memory or an external USB drive. Dante® interfacing is available via an optional Dante network card.

The engine’s web server provides expanded abilities to users including easily combining wired and wireless microphone setups, changing meeting room configurations for dividing/combining rooms and providing system redundancy through backup wireless access points. More information is available on For purchasing information in the USA, contact 

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