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TENSPACE Uses SNA Displays LED Product for Revolutionary Retail Experience

2.5 mm video wall

COLUMBUS, OH–TENFOLD®, a design firm that “builds brands through culture,” launched a new, 1,800-square-foot experiential retail store called TENSPACE in Columbus’ Short North Arts District. Described as “a little bit art, a little bit media and a little bit retail” by Founder and CEO Rachel Friedman-Webb, the store features two high-end interior video screens from SNA Displays.

The core concept behind TENSPACE is flexible storefront infrastructure that provides online retail brands a two-month-long physical presence where they can tell their story through art/media shows, special events, and social content on the video screens.

“We are creating immersive, in-real-life experiences for online brands,” said Friedman-Webb.

The LED displays, located near the store’s windows to attract foot traffic, make up an important part of the flexible infrastructure, offering a creative canvas for tenants to showcase their brand identities. TENFOLD manages all creative content for its client brands, including digital content creation.

“SNA Displays had a great product with a very flexible interface,” said Friedman-Webb. “With tight timelines and supply chain issues being felt around the world, SNA felt confident they could deliver, and they did. The LED displays enable us to keep the content fresh and bolster TENSPACE’s capabilities as a media channel. They’re integral to the experience at TENSPACE, and we wouldn’t have been able to launch without them.”

TENSPACE pivot wall

In a recessed section of the store’s north wall is a 2.5 mm video wall from SNA Displays’ BOLD™ Interior line of LED display products. It measures 8’10” high by 8’6″ wide and provides more than 1.1 million pixels (1,080 x 1,040) of experiential content.

The second direct-view LED display, from SNA Displays’ BRILLIANT™ Interior product line, is ceiling-mounted on a pivot pole in the middle of the store. This “pivot wall” features a 1.9 mm pixel pitch and can rotate 90 degrees in either direction, allowing for more options in the store’s layout. It’s 5’11” high by 6’6″ wide (936 x 1,040). Combined, the displays have just over 2 million pixels.

Through a customized integration experience powered by Crestron, the new video displays can be controlled remotely via iPad and are also synched with the audio in the space.

Both LED displays were installed by audio-video integrator Digital Dreams.

“The space is fully integrated from an AV perspective,” said Mikell Senger, project manager for SNA Displays. “We had to coordinate closely to install both tight-pitch displays in a space with ongoing work from other trades, but TENFOLD had a particular vision and SNA Displays helped make that a reality.”

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Founded in 2014, TENFOLD® is a design firm that helps brands align their physical and virtual environments to their business strategy, connecting people to place in a meaningful way. TENFOLD® serves clients worldwide across corporate, retail, education, and healthcare markets. For more information on the design firm, visit To learn more about the company’s innovative retail store, visit

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