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TNDV Expands Nashville Warehouse to Accommodate Business Growth

Dow Smith Company, Inc. builds expansion space to enable onsite production and event streaming

NASHVILLE, October 21, 2015 — TNDV: Television last year relocated to a large warehouse in Nashville, providing the growing company with a secure, climate-controlled facility to maintain, upgrade and reconfigure its seven production trucks. The refurbishment of the former Brink’s armored truck warehouse also enabled TNDV to expand its creative services, from project planning to video editing and related post-production work.

Only 18 months after the ribbon cutting ceremony, TNDV President and Owner Nic Dugger is adding an expansion to accommodate TNDV’s burgeoning creative services, adding a large studio space, a green screen area for video shoots, satellite downlink capabilities and in-house live streaming servers for live events.

TNDV appointed Dow Smith Company, Inc., which handled the initial project, to bring its creative design and construction skills back to the warehouse, located at 515 Brick Church Park Drive in the northeast section of the city. The company will essentially build onto the initial refurbished space, adding new concrete pours, partitions, lighting and wiring.

“Dow Smith’s approach aligns with our vision: A single objective of doing what’s best for each project and client,” said Dugger. “That custom approach at once accommodates our business needs while ensuring visibility into how design decisions impact construction expenses. The result is a well-managed project that ensures we have the space we need to accommodate our growth. Based on the professionalism of their initial work here, we trust them completely.”

The motivation to integrate more in-house production and streaming aligns with TNDV’s continued evolution as a production company. Though still primarily known as a mobile production specialist, increasingly TNDV clients are relying on the company for fixed video production and post work, spanning multi-camera shoots, graphics, editing and multitrack audio recording among other responsibilities. This gives the company’s base of 10 full-time and 20 part-time and contract employees the space and professional tools they to accelerate project turnaround with exceptional quality.

Furthermore, TNDV’s expertise in streaming live corporate, worship and entertainment events from anywhere in the country has captured interest from local businesses, organizations, broadcasters and production companies in need of local live streaming services.

The expansion will further enhance the capabilities of the existing space, which is built on a networked infrastructure to share data, audio and video across several offices and conference rooms. TNDV additional employs 4K UHD displays and recording technology across these space to evaluate and review projects with staff and clients; and fiber-optic tie lines to TNDV trucks to enable real-time review of media residing on video servers and ProTools systems.

“We appreciate the opportunity to come back and partner again with TNDV: Television and Nic Dugger,” said Dow Smith, President of Dow Smith Company, Inc.  “We are very fortunate to be called back over and over again to work with clients as they grow, change and expand their businesses. Our single focus, every time, is that we design and build a project that is on schedule, on budget and achieves the best quality and results for our clients. That philosophy has served us well for nearly 25 years.”

The construction expansion project is targeted for completion in early November.

ABOUT TNDV: Television

Formed in 2004, TNDV: Television represents the culmination of over 25 years of broadcast and live production for Nic Dugger, owner and president; and his staff of full time engineers. TNDV produces events from small single-camera productions all the way up to multi-million dollar international TV events, and takes pride in building custom solutions for challenging productions of any size, in any situation.  Recent projects include the live concert productions at the NCAA Final Four, the Re/Max Long Drive Challenge on ESPN, and for the first time in broadcasting history TNDV produced the 2014 Hat Trick of Country Music Award show red carpet specials, including the CMA Awards, the CMT Awards, and the ACM Awards. Please call 615-585-6528 or visit for more information.

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