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TransAudio Group Introduces the ATC SCM12/P1 Pro Nearfield Monitor and P1 Pro Amp Combo

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 2016: Building on the huge (and still growing!) popularity of its entire line of highly accurate, “mixes-translate-to-anything” studio monitors, TransAudio Group introduces the newest and smallest member of the ATC family: the SCM12 Pro. Using the very same “all in-house built” components as its larger siblings (read: not an entry-level compromise), the SCM12 Pro delivers ATC’s famous super-detailed “ATC midrange”, solid imaging, and ideal balance that have made ATC the gold standard for working professionals across all music genres and audio industries. In a twist, TransAudio Group will combine the SCM12 Pro with ATC’s all new P1 Pro 150W/channel rackmount amplifier in a bundle that breaks previous price barriers for ATC. The SCM12/P1 Pro monitor/amp package will carry a bundle MAP price of US $4350. If purchased separately, the SCM12 Pro is $1,990/pair MAP, and the P1 Pro amp is $3,490 MAP.

“For anyone who has been waiting for an ATC nearfield with a smaller footprint or a lower price point, and that still delivers undiminished ATC performance, the SCM12 Pro is for you,” said Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group. “ATC’s Billy Woodman and his team poured the same knowhow, sweat, and love into the SCM12 Pro that has made the rest of the line so successful. Users will find that mixes performed on SCM12 Pros translate beautifully to other systems, and their incredibly low distortion make listening to them a pleasure, even after long hours in the studio. At under $2,000 per pair they will serve a special role for those seeking to upgrade aging, hard-to-repair studio monitors”

Although the SCM12 Pro is the most affordable model in ATC’s pro range, it still features ATC’s meticulously built drive units for both the mid/bass and tweeter. The tweeter is ATC’s “S” high-power 25mm/1-inch soft-dome, featuring ATC’s unique dual-suspension technology. Unlike conventional tweeters, it uses two suspensions, offering far greater control of the voice coil and dome motion at all useable sound pressure levels. The result is an extended high-frequency response and much greater clarity and definition due to the reduction in unwanted harmonic distortion.

Bass/mid reproduction is handled by ATC’s 150mm/6-inch proprietary CLD drive unit. Constructed with a 45mm/1.75-inch diameter voice coil and employing an FEA optimized high-energy symmetrical gap motor system, the driver is capable of tremendous dynamic range, with minimal power compression. The cone is constructed using another proprietary ATC technology: Constrained Layer Damping. This process employs multiple laminated fabric cones to form a stiff, light and tremendously well-damped structure. Acoustically, this construction produces a smoother on- and off-axis frequency response and also a reduction in distortion leading to a more lifelike reproduction of the source.

Built completely in-house by hand, ATC’s new P1 Pro is a two-channel amplifier that uses the same technology and output devices as ATC’s well-known two- and three-way amp packs from the Active Monitor line. With a conservatively rated 150W per channel output, a true dual mono design, and class A/B operation, it is a perfect partner to the SCM12 Pro. Additional specifications include less than 0.002% total harmonic distortion (at -95dB), greater than 100dB crosstalk isolation, greater than 110dB (DIN) signal-to-noise, and a frequency response that runs from near DC to 400kHz (-3dB). The distinctive blue handles on the P1 Pro/s 3U chassis let everyone know that it is an ATC amplifier.

ATC SCM12 Pro Nearfield Monitors: MSRP: $2,195.00/ MAP $1,990.00 pair
P1 Pro Amplifier: MSRP: $3,645.00 /MAP: $3,490.00

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier U.S. importer/distributor and/or U.S. sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm.

To witness the performance of these two new ATC products and all the ATC monitors, visit us at EastWest Studios (Studio 2), 6000 West Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA on September 30th and October 1st. TransAudio and ATC will offer a PRESS ONLY Event from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, Friday, September 30th just prior to the AES Party in Studio One at EastWest. Tequila and Tacos will be provided!

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