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Turn Holiday Pageant Season Upgrades into Long-Term Improvements with Networked Audio and Integrated Offerings

The holiday season is fast approaching – which means pageant season for the house of worship and education space is also near! As quality sound is key to a successful event, the holidays tend to be an excellent time for both markets to review and update their existing audio systems. And with holiday savings to be had, now is also the right time to consider upgrades that fundamentally improve the audio experience!

Important to remember is that upgrades don’t need to be massive overhauls. Instead, consider the following incremental improvements recommended by Ashly Audio® for this holiday season. These additions will boost a near-term performance while setting a foundation for future system upgrades!

Integrated Solutions for All Markets

The ability to upgrade multiple components of a workflow with a single, integrated product is an elegant offering now available to the house of worship and education markets. Multi-zone music distribution, DSP, paging, sound-masking and automatic mixing can all occur in a single rack space unit that also provides power amplification.

The Ashly Audio mXa-1502 Mixer Amp provides these integrated capabilities, and comes with Ashly AquaControl™ Software that can be programmed to give users specific levels of access – while also allowing an integrator partner to connect to the device remotely. This helps with real-time troubleshooting or settings changes, which is an incredibly helpful upgrade to have on performance night if things might not be working quite right. Help is now as simple as a phone call – and remote connection – away!

New Technologies in New Form Factors

The amount of innovation put into current-generation power amplifiers makes considering an upgrade to amplification worth a look. Highly efficient Class D designs are now priced for the house of worship and education market. Further, new form factor designs mean amplification no longer has to be slotted into a rack mount.

Ashly Audio’s CA Series incorporates Ashly’s D-MAX technology, which allows for ultimate efficiency and reliability – including proprietary power supply design and energy management systems. Dynamic Power-Factor Correction adds a level of intelligence to power utilization efficiency by accurately tracking fluctuations in current, rather than just sampling at the peaks. And new SailFlow cooling design brings a bi-lateral air-cooling system that maintains a low operational temperature.

Meanwhile, Ashly Audio’s FA Series is defining power density in the house of worship and education space! Available in full and half-rack units, the FA Series is perfect for mounting in non-traditional locations – such as on walls or under desks. The FA amplifiers are also convection cooled and Energy Star rated.

Networked Audio

If this season means upgrading to networked audio products, Ashly Audio offers more than 40 different Network Power Amplifiers that work with Dante Devices, which means an upgrade to Ashly Audio is a future-proof investment that integrates seamlessly with your current workflow.

Season’s Savings

The holidays also mean the best deals of the year. Ashly Audio is offering a $50 instant savings on the best-selling digiMIX18 with an instant rebate running through December 31.

If you’re unsure of how you might benefit most in an upgrade, look no further than your local integrator. With the right integrator and manufacturer partners, upgrades made in schools and houses of worship this holiday season will be heard for far longer than just this pageant season!

For more information on any of the above solutions, visit Ashly Audio online at

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