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Turning Technologies Unveils ResponseWare™ Web—a Web-based Polling System

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – Turning Technologies LLC, a leader in the audience response industry, today announced the domestic availability of ResponseWareâ„¢ Web, its next generation and most ubiquitous response system yet. ResponseWare Web is a web-based polling application that allows participants to submit responses to interactive PowerPointA® questions via Internet-connected devices including: AppleA® iPhoneA® and BlackBerryA® smartphones, other cell phones and mobile devices, laptops, or a standard desktop computer. Turning is working with telecomm carriers to accelerate access to the new product. Currently, ResponseWare Web is certified on the AT&TA® wireless network.

For use with Turning Technologies’ flagship interactive PowerPointA® product, TurningPointA®, ResponseWare Web allows students and participants to respond via the Internet through standard web browsers. The web application immediately transfers their responses to a TurningPoint interactive polling slide typically presented to the audience via an LCD projector.

Turning’s web-based response solution allows alphanumeric entry for single response, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank and essay questions via a cell phone style input or a QWERTY style keyboard. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter. ResponseWare Web also displays the question and answer choices on the device while polling.

With the addition of ResponseWare Web, Turning continues to set the standard for the industry. The combination of ResponseWare Web with Turning’s easy-to-use ResponseCardA® keypads creates the most advanced available option for audience input devices to date. Since the growth in popularity of multi-purpose, web-enabled personal devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and WindowsA® Mobile smartphones as well as the broad availability of wireless Internet connectivity, Turning chose to develop the next generation in response technology—a solution that could take advantage of mobile computing, making for a convenient, cost-effective response system.

Mike Broderick, Turning Technologies’ CEO explained, “ResponseWare allows a much larger potential user base to access the benefits of TurningPoint response technology. Whether it is a corporate boardroom with participants using their Blackberry smartphones to weigh in on issues in real time or a university lecture hall with students simultaneously answering quiz questions with their iPhone, smart device, or a ResponseCard keypad, everyone is connected and participates in the event. Turning has proven again why our products are the benchmark in response technology. Our development approach is cutting edge, forward thinking, and prepared for ongoing technological innovation.”?

Practical Use for Today’s Mobile Market

Turning expects ResponseWare Web to find popularity within all of its core markets—K-12 and higher education, professional and rental events—and expand its market share. As a subscription service, users across all markets will benefit since ResponseWare Web will be offered at a lower cost than hardware-type keypads.

With rising fuel costs limiting corporate and government travel, organizations will seek to take advantage of web-based technologies. Using ResponseWare Web in tele- and web-conference meetings or trainings will open up collaboration and feedback techniques previously limited due to functionality support. Companies and agencies with remote locations and/or field reps will immediately be able to assess comprehension of new products, training material and initiatives or easily gather key insights and data via mobile devices or laptops.

Sporting as well as entertainment events that take advantage of this new method of instant polling will provide enhanced levels of audience engagement and participation. Beyond the engagement benefits, marketers will also realize exciting integration opportunities with mobile content, advertising, or branding messages.

In education settings, ResponseWare Web enables mobile learning, creating the ability for students to respond to interactive questions both inside and outside of the classroom. Students already accustom to instant connectivity will now be able to use those same smart devices to communicate their understanding of course materials and concepts. In addition, they will find the anonymous ability to ask questions and seek further insights as a powerful learning technique.

This next generation of student response technology will appeal to educators as well. Expanded support for question types will further increase their ability to accurately assess student learning. In addition, the application’s integration with TurningPoint allows students to self-register for polling sessions. And while TurningPoint supports a mixed environment of response devices, letting the user determine their preference, institutions that have established one-to-one laptop or smart device initiatives will find ResponseWare Web a simple integration with their current technology adoptions.

Simple Integration with Existing Technologies

ResponseWare Web requires no special software to install or configure and no need to alter firewall or port settings. The system supports nearly all java-enabled web browsers across multiple platforms and operating systems. Turning Technologies provides all of the hosting and web services necessary for a ResponseWare Web-enabled interactive polling session, which eliminates the need for any organization to host, maintain, and support the application and allows for immediate utilization of the response technology.

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AppleA® is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc. and iPhoneâ„¢ is a trademark of Apple Inc.

The Trademark BlackBerryA® is owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Turning Technologies is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.

About Turning Technologies, LLC:

Turning Technologies, LLC develops interactive response systems utilizing the latest software and hardware tools available and transforms them into state of the art applications for audience and student response. The company’s flagship product, TurningPointA® Software and Responsive Innovations ResponseCardA® keypads, integrate with Microsoft’s PowerPointA® software, providing the most advanced combination of knowledge and technology currently available in the field of audience and student assessment. In 2007, Inc. Magazine ranked Turning as the fastest growing privately held software company in the US, Priority Magazine recognized Turning as Small Business of the Year, and PC Magazine awarded the TurningPoint 2006 response technology the coveted PC Magazine 4 Stars Rating.



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