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Van Morrison North American tour chooses d&b KSL for Ruth Eckerd Hall dates; carries d&b M4 monitors, V-Series loudspeakers thanks to Carlton Audio.

ASHEVILLE, NC 5.26.22.—One of music’s true originals, Sir Van Morrison, whose unique and inspirational musical legacy is rooted in postwar Belfast, has released his 43rd studio album “What’s It Gonna Take?”. With his relentless drive to record and perform live in front of audiences, he has set out once again to promote his latest works.

Finishing up on a U.S. leg that began April 21 and ends in May, the crew carried a d&b audiotechnik M4 monitor wedge system supplied by Carlton Audio (Miami). Dates continued through Hollywood, FL, Memphis, TN, Alpharetta, GA, Nashville, TN, Chicago, IL, and Detroit, Michigan before embarking on dates in Europe with a swift turnaround back to the U.S. in September. The first two shows used Carlton’s d&b KSL line array loudspeaker system. The rest of the dates used the venues’ house PA.

The first stop on the tour was at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL. “It was the tour’s  audio team of Schon Emmanuel (FOH Mixer) and Andrew Thom (FOH Engineer) that we provided a d&b KSL loudspeaker system,” states Chris Carlton, owner, Carlton Audio. “The system was favorably demonstrated to the Ruth Eckerd Hall production team of Philip Dunn (House Audio Lead) and his supervisors back in 2019 but the pandemic put all renovation plans on hold. The sonic coverage for the Van Morrison date was excellent.”

The d&b SL-Series boasts full range broadband directivity, extended LF response, and advanced rigging options in an accessible size and performance package. KSL, the second sibling of the series, has proven its versatility and consistency from large to medium sized applications of any genre.

The tour is running d&b M4s as primary monitors on D80 amplifiers, V7P point source loudspeakers as side fills. The KSL system used at Ruth Eckerd Hall was ten tops with two SL-SUBs on the floor per side with Y10P loudspeakers for front fill.

“The system performed in comparable manner to the ArrayCalc prediction,” states Schon Emmanuel, front of house engineer for Van Morrison. “I spec’d this for the side and rear rejection which are phenomenal. With 16 M4 wedges and a stage with several acoustic instruments and open microphones, this system helps keep much of the room out of the microphones. Great coverage and tone, KSL all day every day.”

Andrew Thom, system engineer for the tour second Emmanuel’s comments. “With Array Processing and the detail of simulation available in ArrayCalc it makes it simple to design a KSL system that works well for what we need on this show. Balanced, even coverage across the audience to give everyone the same experience, with great rejection on stage means KSL just works for us.”

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