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Veteran Police Officer and Former Army Sergeant Robert T. Rose Calls the Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System a Life Saver

“Seconds mean lives saved,” says corporate security and law-enforcement veteran Robert T. Rose, who has tested the Safe Zone features such as patent-pending tri-mode data capture system and automated rapid 9-1-1 connection in real-world scenarios.

“Seconds mean lives — lives saved.” That’s the irrefutable calculation for Robert T. Rose when it comes to detecting, identifying and locating active shooters and their weapons in today’s increasingly vulnerable workplace, school and house-of-worship environments.

Rose is the CEO and President of Bansbach Easylift of North America, Inc., a $77-million Melbourne, Florida-based supplier of high-quality motion control devices used in military, aerospace and other applications. He is also a former Army Sergeant, Police Officer, Sergeant Deputy Sheriff, Police Academy Instructor and Director of the Melbourne (Florida) Police Foundation.  He is currently also a Reserve Sergeant Deputy Sheriff, a trained sharpshooter, and a Director of the FBINA Foundation.

In all of these capacities, Rose has become pointedly aware of the need for speed and accuracy when it comes to determining the key questions for first responders to these types of situations: Where is the shooter, what kinds of guns are involved, how many shots have been fired, and when were they fired. “A semiautomatic weapon can fire two rounds per second, so in 60 seconds the number of lives that can be saved, well, you do the math,” says Rose — who has come to appreciate the ability of the next-generation Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System to do all of those critical functions cost-effectively.

Superior in features and pricing to all competitors, Safe Zone’s Gunfire Detection System eliminates the barriers of cost and complication that have so far prevented gunfire detection from becoming a mainstream option for facilities of every type. No other solution can come close to matching Safe Zone’s accuracy, speed, performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. “The system is flawless.  I’ve tested it, firing approximately 8,000 rounds over four or five months now, and every time Safe Zone has given me the exact location of the gunman and what he was shooting,” Rose assures.

“I have 100-percent confidence in the system. It provides me with real-time situational awareness.” Part of Rose’s evaluation of the Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System took place on the 22-acre campus of a local high school. In that realistic environment, he says, “I was notified in seconds instead of minutes.”

Rose points out that the kind of information and AI-powered automated actions that Safe Zone’s Gunfire Detection System provides are crucial for law enforcement in active-shooter situations. For instance, push-alert notifications are immediately sent to team-member mobile devices via the free Safe Zone mobile app (which can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store). In addition, SMS text messages are sent to an unlimited number of contacts in a user-managed list.

What’s more, Safe Zone integrates with other systems such as door locks, alarm panels, cameras and emergency notification systems that can be programmed to respond in the event of an alert. “The Safe Zone app is unique — and priceless,” says Rose, adding that getting the original shooter locations accurately and quickly are vitally important in situations where bad actors can mingle with innocent bystanders, confusing law enforcement’s efforts. Having that kind of accurate information early on can make the difference between life and death.

Key to the system’s performance accuracy is the patent-pending tri-mode data capture system that features acoustic, spectral and concussion sensors that instantaneously collect data that is then analyzed by a cloud-based machine learning system. “At a time when we don’t have enough law-enforcement officers, Safe Zone is a force multiplier,” he says. “This product is undeniably going to save hundreds and hundreds of lives.”

The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System combines state-of-the-art detection hardware with leading edge machine learning capabilities to create the world’s most sophisticated and reliable gunfire detection system ever brought to market. The system’s small inconspicuous sensors are designed to be quickly and easily integrated with a complete security system solution and installed throughout any facility to provide 24/7 active site-wide monitoring.

When gunfire occurs, Safe Zone alerts on-site security, building occupants and local authorities within seconds and provides detailed information that includes number of shots fired, type of firearm — and a building floorplan tracking the shooter’s location and movement.  Key to the system’s performance accuracy is the patent-pending tri-mode data capture system that features acoustic, spectral and concussion sensors that instantaneously collect data that is then analyzed by a cloud-based machine learning system. If gunfire is confirmed, Safe Zone immediately activates the built-in automated response system that sends all the information to the local 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Centers (ECC). Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system utilizing RapidSOS, the only all digital connection for communicating with 9-1-1.

Safe Zone is available in both Wi-Fi and PoE detector versions for $199.95 (Wi-Fi) and $299.95 (PoE) with mounting hardware included with the price.  Dealers can place orders through their local Safe Zone sales representative: Security Solutions (SSI) Lanier Rep Group (LGI), or Thomasson Marketing Group (TMG).  The solution is also available from Anixter, ADI, Wesco and many mid-market regional distributors.

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