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Videotel Digital Helps Photavia Spark Memories With Images That Lift Spirits At All Hours

Thinking outside the box to redefine what it means to bring healing via inspiration, two innovative companies join forces to morph memories into tools. To engage people of all ages, Videotel Digital and Photavia have linked arms to play therapeutic imagery on digital screens where people gather. This, in part, is thanks to the Videotel Digital’s VP70XD industrial grade digital signage media player. In this application, it does its captivating work by playing heart-touching video images around the clock for years upon end in public places. Particularly useful in healthcare facilities, the images are compiled by Photavia to assist memory care and fight against both dementia and Alzheimer’s. Without a reliance on constant medication to mitigate the onslaught of memory deterioration, the creation of a welcoming environment has proven to engage well-being in a new way for all concerned.

“Photavia’s clients require that our positive content is played 24/7 to change the environments they’re in. To that end, the VP70XD media player has been a workhorse for us in venues like schools, hotels, healthcare, and senior facilities. In one case, the media player has been running nonstop for over two years without a whimper of slowing down! With that remarkable track record, interestingly enough, it’s Videotel’s excellent customer service that’s the standout. From the top down their immediate and thorough attention to detail has been nothing short of spectacular. Their company and their products have been a huge asset to Photavia’s growth. I have to say a big thank you for that,” said Mark Winter, the Director of Media Content for Photavia.

Utilized for impactful installation projects across industries like transportation, hospitality, as well as healthcare, Photavia is a forward-thinking company that will not settle for the “bad news” often found playing on digital screens. Their devotion lies in decreasing the noise and visual pollution that too often inundates society at every hand.

Videotel Digital’s VP of Marketing & Sales, Lisa Schneider, said of the successful collaboration, “When we partner with awesome clients like Mark at Photavia we feel a sense of teamwork because our staff is so on board to help them meet their goals. Our company isn’t just about great products; it’s about long-term relationships that help businesses grow. And, in this inspiring case, to grow the potential of their viewers as well.”

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About Videotel Digital:
Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Digital Signage Media Players, Industrial DVD Players, and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions. The industry leader services numerous industries from retail to healthcare, educational concerns, hospitality, events, and museums among others. Videotel Digital Industrial Audio/Video products provide convenience with features such as Auto Start, Auto Play and Auto Loop. The products also seamlessly Auto Repeat for continuous play without manual interaction.

About Photavia:
Photavia is a visual network that offers both pre-produced and customizable programming. Viewers select their preferences from a menu of content organized in categories from educational to entertainment to therapeutic, creating an inclusive photo/visual experience.

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Videotel Digital
681 Anita Street Suite #104
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Lisa Schneider
VP of Marketing & Sales
(619) 670-4412


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