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Videotel Now Shipping New Wave 2 Play Interactive Solution

Videotel stays at the forefront of innovation with its WAVE2Play Interactive Digital Signage Solution


Videotel has had a long history of providing excellent service with their incredible signage for the past 30+ years, so it should be expected that they’re bringing something new to the market that will transform how businesses operate today… and in the future. Videotel has once again blown audiences away with their VP71 Industrial Grade Digital Media Player. As you may be asking what sets this product apart from their previous products, it can be broken down into four words: wave, elevate, push, and move.

Wave – WAVE Interactive digital signage solution allows content to be triggered with a hand wave motion or by waving an object across an designated area, counter or display. WAVE may be installed underneath any material counter top with the exception of metal and up to 3 inches thick. The WAVE solution includes Videotel’s VP71 industrial digital media player, USB, SD card, HDMI cable, power supply and the Wave2Play proximity sensor. 

Elevate – With lift-off platforms and scale content, customers can elevate content and access information in ways that were never thought possible. 

Push – Push is a new way to access content via LED buttons. A business can program the text to their choosing, coming in illuminated plastic or stainless steel, providing a new way to engage customers with your product or service.

Move – Move allows a client to trigger a motion sensor to activate your looping content. As this can be activated from one to twenty-one feet away, your looping media will start from the beginning and on your customer’s terms, as opposed to looping endlessly without direction.

Simple yet unique, the VP71 makes browsing media easier to follow for customers and businesses alike. Their innovations to signage technology have made information not only easier to digest for the average consumer, but interactive to create interest for their product or service. As Videotel’s history covers over thirty years in business, it’s safe to say that the Wave 2 Play solution is another reliable and simple to use signage solution that includes the wow factor. 

About Videotel Inc. 
Videotel Inc. is an award winning manufacture of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping dvd players and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, CA, Videotel’s 34 years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions has propelled it to industry leader status. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit

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