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Vincent Lighting Systems Installs Luxibel Indirect UVC Air Disinfection Units in Chicago Restaurants

Vincent Lighting Systems, a lighting systems integration and production company in Cleveland, Ohio, has installed Luxibel B AIR V2 indirect UVC air disinfection units in two downtown Chicago restaurants. ACT Lighting, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Luxibel products in North America.

“We’ve been trying to figure out how to push through the pandemic and be part of the solution, so we looked at UVC products, which are a very proven technology to help with disinfection,” says Tom Siko, President of Vincent Lighting Systems.  “We knew Luxibel lighting fixtures from the entertainment business, and ACT Lighting made the Luxibel air handling units available to us.  We did a lot of independent research and found they were what they said they’d be so we felt we could endorse them for clients.”

Siko notes that what makes the B AIR V2 units attractive is that, “they can run 24/7 with people present, and they sanitize the air every 22 minutes.”  In addition, the B AIR V2s are easier to install, less expensive and more effective than units on the market that are installed in HVAC systems.

The B AIR V2 can be mounted on walls, ceilings or tripods and come with a B Nozzle standard to use Luxibel’s patented Mid-Air Disinfection System (MADS). Air filter replacement is recommended twice a year and radiator replacement once a year.

Vincent Lighting installed B AIR V2 units in two Chicago restaurants, which are part of the Good Eats Group: Sociale on Printers Row and Burger Bar, South Loop.

“Restaurants have challenges complying with COVID-19 guidelines and operating at a capacity to make money,” Siko says.  “If they follow mask usage, aggressive sanitation at the front and back of house and add another layer of protection with UVC devices, customers can feel more comfortable about dining out.”

Vincent Lighting equipped Sociale with a B AIR V2 unit in the dining room, another in the coffee shop and a third in the kitchen.  Burger Bar has units in the dining room and back of house/kitchen.  Vincent Lighting created window clings for each eatery, which they can put on their front doors to inform customers of their efforts to provide a safe environment.

“Offering a cleaner ecosystem for restaurants will last longer than COVID-19,” Siko points out.  “Installing B AIR V2 units will offer protection against colds and flu and other contaminants all year round.”

For the cost of installing the Luxibel systems Vincent Lighting also offers the first year of service free providing manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and changing of filters and UVC lamps.  Additional years of service maybe contracted.

“We’re talking about using Luxibel solutions with retail environments and offices, which may not have customers visiting but want safe environments for their employees,” Siko reports.  “ACT Lighting gave us a lot of training on the product and has been very helpful in getting the word out about this technology.”

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