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VisibilityOne launches MS Teams Room monitoring

VisibilityOne unveiled today at InfoComm its MS Teams Room Monitoring capability. With this enhancement VisibilityOne continues to lead the industry in cross-vendor and hybrid work-at-home user collaboration environments.

“Last year we launched the industry’s first and only complete monitoring solution for remote hybrid users of MS Teams and Zoom and now with the long-awaited Enhanced MS Teams Room Monitoring, our offering gives our partners and customers an incredible level of new technical insights. With this achievement we now enable IT departments and MSPs with the competence and knowledge they want to bring order to the exorbitantly burdensome hybrid collaboration ecosystem”. Said, Jose De La Paz, CEO. 

VisibilityOne’s cross-vendor monitoring provides IT in-depth insights into the entire collaboration environment including UC, AV, IoT, USB, network, hybrid users, and as of October 26th, 2021, in-depth insights into and around MS Teams Rooms. This unprecedented capability which includes self-healing of componentry covers almost all aspects of home-based and conference room-based communications.

We’re proud of how we’ve pushed the boundaries in the monitoring space. Our purpose at VisibilityOne is to provide deeper insights into VC room componentry, network, applications, and the entire path of the VTC platform all the way down to the individual workers laptop. We enable IT with the knowledge and competence to logically bring order to the chaos of collaboration. It is with this idea of looking at the video call from end to end, that the founders of VisibilityOne began their journey. Years of experience in the collaboration space drove our passion to create a tool that provided answers that could empower IT with the real-time actionable data to guarantee uptime and quality that stakeholders expect.

The elegance is in the simplicity of our patented application; with no need for infrastructure nor dedicated servers the VisibilityOne application provides fast effortless deployment in an enterprise setting. With just a few steps you’ll populate your entire collaboration environment including huddle rooms, codecs like Poly, Cisco, Crestron room systems, IoT devices, USB Cameras/phones, and of course the exclusive view of hybrid Zoom and Teams users, all on one elegantly designed intuitive user interface. From self-healing to failover, our solution provides unparalleled real-time management, monitoring and analytics, for enterprise, higher education, healthcare, and public sector environments worldwide.

VisibilityOne is the industry’s most comprehensive cross-vendor platform for monitoring, managing, and self-healing of end-to-end video collaboration in the hybrid world.

Awarded multiple patents, the solution provides real-time performance and health data across multiple vendors and cloud services so that IT teams can see actionable insights into devices, applications, operating environment. IT teams now have the support they need to proactively monitor their video meeting solutions, gain critical insights into their UCC, pinpoint issues and make decisions quickly all in a single, data-rich view. This sense of order and knowledge that VisibilityOne offers will eliminate the guesswork due to user error, equipment malfunction, network inconsistencies, or application non-performance.

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