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Vision adds active inline boosters to HDMI+ Cables

Targeting the corporate AV installation market, Vision has added two new HDMI cables to the range; 20 and 30m copper cables with active inline boosters. Shipping in the coming days, these will take the place of its optical HDMI cables in favor of more cost effective copper units, capable of reliably delivering a 4K signal.The new cables can deliver a 4K signal @ 30Hz. 

The booster circuit sits in a tubular enclosure to reduce snagging and use AWG 24 conductors.Stuart Lockhart, director, Vision, explains: “Whist there are now relatively stable 4K optical chipsets, we believe they do not currently offer a cost effective solution. We opted to add active inline boosters to our proven copper cables.”Vision sell over 10,000 cables a month for professional integration, with each cable including a lifetime warranty. 

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