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Visix Ships New Four-Output Digital Signage Media Player

ATLANTA, GA – January 12, 2021 – Visix, Inc. is now shipping a new digital signage media player that allows for two-, three- or four-output playback. The new modeal standardizes the company’s multi-output player lineup on Nvidia Pascal GPUs, providing a consistent hardware selection and experience for clients.

“This new player rounds out and standardizes our hardware offering,” says Joe Murray, systems engineer for Visix. “With this, we’re making it easier for our clients to implement, update and expand their digital signage systems. Most importantly, the player was built for enterprise-class applications and provides stellar playback of dynamic content.”

The new player allows clients the flexibility to show two, three or four video streams for scalable digital signage and video wall applications. The NVIDIA Quadro P620 combines a 512 CUDA core Pascal GPU, large on-board memory and advanced display technologies to deliver incredible performance at an affordable price.

The unit is a small form factor device measuring just 7.05 inches wide x 7.2 inches deep x 1.38 inches high, and weighing only 3.1 pounds. It has 8GB of memory, 256 GB SSD storage, built-in wireless and a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS.

Clients interested in digital signage players from Visix can visit for more information.

About Visix

Visix, Inc. offers a robust suite of digital signage software, content designs and meeting room signs for any organization wanting to engage, excite, and inform their audiences. Our products work separately or together, are competitively priced and scalable, and have powerful interactivity and data integration features for a unified, enterprise signage solution. Our award-winning service and support teams consistently rank the highest in customer satisfaction for fast, professional responses and solutions. Learn more about Visix digital signage products and services at

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