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VuWall Cantonal Police of Glarus Case Study

In Full Command and Control

AVS Systeme AG Installed VuWall’s VuScape Video Wall Controller With Advanced Video Wall Management Software To Deliver Flexible Operator Video Wall Control at the Cantonal Police Of Glarus Emergency Call Center

When the Cantonal Police of Glarus (Kantonpolizei) moved into its new emergency call center, it was critical dispatchers and operators had the ability to see a variety of informational sources with ease, flexibility, and speed. The new emergency call center includes both an operations control center and a control room, each with its own visualization needs. Within the operations control center, integrator AVS Systeme AG installed a video wall consisting of eight 55-inch Barco UniSee borderless LCD displays in a 4×2 arrangement. In addition, the control center houses three workstations equipped with state-of-the-art communication and image technologies. Adjacent to the operations control center is the command and situation room with 12 55-inch Barco UniSee displays in 4×3 formation. These video walls and workstations would be the epicenter, providing up-to-minute information from a variety of PC and camera sources.


A common challenge for command and control centers and facilities such as Cantonal Police of Glarus is having a multitude of diverse sources, each different window sizes. In order for the staff at the emergency call center to do their job effectively, they need to be able to visualize information in many formations with ease and expediency. This sometimes calls for looking at many sources on separate screens or grouped together in one customizable layout. What’s more, dispatchers need a way to save and access each source individually, in groups, or as entire layouts — depending on the situation. Finally, the system would need to be intuitive enough any user could access or save layouts with minimal instruction.


When it comes to the visualization needs of the world’s most prolific command and control centers, VuWall’s name is at the top. VuWall develops solutions to easily manage visual information on video walls and displays throughout facilities. The company’s state-of-the-art interoperable ecosystem of video wall controllers, encoders, and decoders is managed by TRx, their unique centralized management platform. VuWall’s solutions eliminate the complexities of traditional video wall control and signal distribution over IP, setting a new industry benchmark in ease of use and deployment for the most effective distribution of any source to any display.

For this project, AVS Systeme AG installed VuWall’s custom VuScape video wall control with VuWall’s advanced video wall management software. VuScape is ideal for control rooms, collaboration rooms, and corporate signage. It enables organizations to easily control and distribute almost any source to any display on the network with the utmost flexibility and full-featured management software. VuScape can display any kind of content coming from cloud/network-based solutions, such as websites, data, third-party SCADA, business analytics, and social media data. The latest version boasts collaboration and KVM support, in addition to its existing video wall control functionality. What’s more, the powerful software presents endless ways to control and manage large screens. Intuitive and easy to use, it is simple to collaborate between multiple screens and operators. It allows for remote control of computers with networked keyboard/mouse emulator. Operators have seamless continuity between controlling the video wall and their desktops, making the video wall an extension of their desks.


VuWall was exactly what was needed in the new emergency call center. Both video walls are controlled by VuScape, allowing the user to display any sources on the two screens individually or in groups. Using a KVM matrix from IHSE, the various sources can be connected to the VuScape controller inputs. In the operations control center, up to eight different sources can be connected and distributed to that room’s Barco video wall. In the control room, up to 12 different sources are allowed. Although the customer had never worked with a KVM solution before, training operators to use the system was simple, allowing them to make layouts with all necessary functions. No matter the window size, operators can pull in sources to build the best layout for their visualization requirements with the ability to access and save them individually, in groups, or as entire layouts.

A 15.4″ touch panel with AVS-Web technology is installed at each workstation for quick and efficient operation. In addition to the image connections, numerous other systems can also be operated from the touch panel. From the touch panel, the dispatcher simply selects and distributes the PC sources and cameras to the video walls. In this way, each dispatcher can decide for himself which sources he wants to see on the videowall and how they should be arranged.

Most impressive to AVS was the ability to integrate streams directly as an input source on the VuScape controller. This allowed AVS to integrate camera streams directly without needing additional components, saving time and money on the project.

“When the Cantonal Police came to us and said they needed a visualization system that’s flexible and intuitive and here’s what that looks like to us, we knew we could create the perfect video wall and workflow for their needs,” said XX, title, at AVS Systeme AG. “That’s only possible because VuWall solutions are built with a firm understanding of the incredible diversity of sources, equipment, and needs found in the control room and visualization environment. By pairing their robust controller with incredible functionality of their management software, the police force can see what they need to see when they need to see it.”

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