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WATCH: Matrox benchmarks Extio KVM over Internet performance

The pace of innovation in high-performance media over Internet protocol continues…

As promised, the migration from traditional AV to AV-over-IP is leading to breakthroughs in distance and cost effectiveness in high node count projects.

Keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) extension and switching technology is no exception. In this video, Matrox details their Extio 3 KVM-over-IP running benchmarks over the Internet.

This benchmark involves a Matrox Extio 3 hardware transmitter and Extio 3 hardware receiver being compared against the two leading premium PC virtualization solutions running demanding PC content over the public internet.

The astonishing performance is not the main story however. This type of KVM extension over IP solution also allows organizations to air-gap their high-performance media over internet experiences from their critical networks.

There is no software installed on the host machine running the Matrox Extio 3 in this video. And it is possible to run the keyboard, mouse, and display extension experience over an entirely different network than the network the host PC is, if desired.

The payload is of course benefitting from the same robust encryption and the device access permissioning and management privileges are just as complete as the alternatives.

This is yet another mighty demonstration of how AV-over-IP is balancing reach, performance, and security and opening up a significant range of new options for tackling communications and decision-making challenges.

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