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Wharfedale Pro launches WLA-210XF line array

The new WLA-210XF line array system from Wharfdale may be similar to the WLA-210X, but the new model has additionally been IPX6 certified.

Huntingdon, UK (December 7, 2020)—The new WLA-210XF line array system from Wharfdale may use the same custom-made Wharfedale Pro 10″ drivers and the same 3.0″ Neo compression driver as the company’s WLA-210X, but the new model has the additional feature of having been IPX6 certified, making it appropriate for all-weather use.

The WLA-210XF system reportedly delivers up to 138 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter, while its recommended adjoining subwoofer, the new dual 15” WLA-210XSUBF, offers a reported Max SPL @ 1 meter of 145 dB. Both models are constructed of up to 18 mm premium birch plywood, are covered in waterproof paint and use integral anti-corrosion, aluminum steel rigging hardware. Flat front grilles forged from 3 mm aluminum front the cabinets.

Helping keep the elements at bay, wax-wrapped components and an aluminum inner case protect the drivers and crossovers from water damage, and Neutrik NLT4 MP BAG waterproof connectors have been used as well. Both the WLA-210XF and the WLA-210XSUBF are supported within EASE.

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