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When Audio Quality is Imperative, sparkAV Ignites Greatness with Clockaudio at ole


ole is the world’s fastest growing rights management company. Founded in 2004, the company has operations in Toronto, Nashville, New York, London and Los Angeles. The company boasts a team of over 150 experienced industry professionals focused on creative development, acquisitions and worldwide rights management.Growing immensely over the past decade, ole is one of the world’s largest independent media management companies. Their growth made it necessary to take on new space capable of accommodating all of their employees and also provide a central office that would link together their other locations in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and London. A brand new, state of the art headquarters, was needed and the firm decided to do so in the 120 Bremner Tower in downtown Toronto’s Southcore district, the same building where the likes of Cisco and Amazon are headquartered.


Successful partners, sparkAV had worked closely for many years with ole’s design firm, WilliamsCraig and always with positive results. When ole approached WilliamsCraig about getting a ProAV integration company on board sparkAV was recommended. And ultimately culminated in sparkAV being brought on board as both AV consultant, and AV supplier and implementer. sparkAV’s team members for the joint effort included:

Derek Shama – President – Sales & Designer

Brian Cherny – VP – Projects and Services

Dave Trimble – Team Lead, Systems Integrator

Riaan Van Rooyen – Account Executive – Sales & Designer

Andrew Wilder –Sr. Systems Integrator & Audio Specialist

Frank Rubino – Sr. Systems Integrator & Video Specialist

Bryan Mitchell – Director – Programming and UC

Terry Law – CAD Lead & Inside Project Manager

Text BoxBrent Lever – Logistics Coordinator


The ole project had an aggressive time frame for completion. This proved to be a bit of a challenge during the ole install as construction was tight and there was little room for error. The specialized equipment had longer lead times and the solution sophistication was high. Despite this, the team pulled together, and completed the work with time to spare. Being that ole is a music company, audio quality was deemed as imperative. Not just to hear the quality of the assets that they compose and own, but to conduct business – audio and video conferencing. Because the ole meeting rooms have many hard surfaces and furniture that could not accommodate in-table boundary microphones, sparkAV felt that ceiling microphones were necessary and the best option for the build out.

Clockaudio C303 microphones were identified as the ideal choice as sparkAV has had great success with this product on many other projects. While ceiling microphones have been available for years now, not all are equal and time and again, sparkAV selects Clockaudio’s C303.

All of ole’s Meeting Rooms contain hard surfaces composed of glass & floor tiles – the spaces are acoustically difficult to work with. Further, drywall ceiling is present throughout with access hatches that are far away from the plenum box location. Here sparkAV technicians were forced to wire up the microphone cables to the terminal block while in an extremely confined space. The extra cable lead that Clockaudio supplied allowed us to lower the microphones to the ideal level in each room as needed.

With a tight timeline, it was a rush to the finish line, ole was very accommodating and patient with any challenge that arose and had to be worked through. Audio specialists were supplied time and access to tune and EQ the various rooms. In the end, all contributors to the project came together and produced a beautiful facility that sounded on the far end as good as it does on the near end. The solution allowed the client to leverage its VoIP and bridging platforms to effortlessly make calls that sound crystal clear. Ultimately sparkAV completed an 8-figure project in just over 8 weeks of on-site installation. Technicians pulled a lot of extra hours and late nights to ensure that the facility was perfect for the originally planned launch date. ole’s launch party went off without a hitch and to the complete satisfaction of the CEO and his executive team.

Challenges are part of life in the ProAV world. As are tight timelines and requirements for top-end reliable quality. sparkAV is proud that their team of dedicated industry professionals pulled together and got the job done – on time and on budget. They also credited working with high quality products like the Clockaudio C303 as part of their success. ole is now operating easily and seamlessly in a state of the art facility – able to conduct business without having to worry about AV equipment and if or how it has to work. It just does. As far as the C303 microphones are concerned, they work excellently and the client and sparkAV’s lead audio technician continues to be extremely happy with the product’s performance.

Founded in 2005, sparkAV operates from a location that is both convenient to the downtown core and rich in Canadian history.
sparkAV is comprised of the AV industry’s most creative, passionate, and experienced professionals, all who possess the means necessary to provide their clients with outstanding service in current and affordable AV solutions. sparkAV’s goal is to provide reasonable and practical AV solutions that will best their client’s needs. They are only interested in recommending the products that are truly required. The benefits of working with sparkAV are really quite simple; they care and they get the job done – on time and on budget.

Clockaudio is proud to be an integral part of this project at ole. We thank sparkAV for their assistance and contribution to this case study.

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