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With Blizzard’s TOURnado WIMAX Series, the Forecast is a Storm of Lighting Design Awesomeness

Rocking like a hurricane? Been thunderstruck? Making it rain men? No matter what kind of tempest you’re bringing to the stage, there’s TOURnado WIMAX Series from Blizzard.

Adding to the legacy of Blizzard’s TOURnado series, comes the latest forecast for the line: the all-new WIMAX series. With the TOURnado WIMAX Series, you’ll bring cyclonic power to your stage.

All are IP65 outdoor rated PARs and sport larger natural convection cooled cast aluminum housings than our previous models. Made to weather any storm, they have tempered glass lenses and watertight internal gaskets The backs have outdoor rated 3-pin XLR data and AC power input/output connectors with rubber seals. Here’s the 5-Model Forecast:

  • Sunny TOURnado WIMAX 7 features super bright RGBAW+UV+Lime color mixing from 7 lenses sporting 25W and 7-in-1 LEDs with advanced 25° optics. 
  • Take shelter from the storm with our TOURnado WIMAX QZoom super bright RGBW color mixing from its 12x 15W lenses with 4-in-1 LEDs with 8°-50° zoom.
  • Get maximum coverage with the TOURnado WIMAX COB 5 super bright RGBAW color mixing from 7 lenses 25W 5-in-1 LEDs with wide angle 60° optics.
  • Blazing TOURnado WIMAX EXA super bright RGBAW+UV color mixing from a brilliant 19x 15W lenses with 7-in-1 LEDs sporting advanced 25° optics.
  • TOURnado WIMAX Quadra will deliver super bright RGBW color mixing from 19x 15W lenses 4-in-1 LEDs with advanced 25 optics. Bring sunscreen.

“If the forecast calls for unleashing a storm using fewer cables to do it, you can expect the built-in W-DMX receiver to bring a continuous drencher of clear signal over a range of more than 1,640 feet,” says Will Komassa, Chief Meteorologist at Blizzard.

All TOURnado WIMAX fixtures have a 4-button control panel with an OLED display giving you total control including master/slave settings, 5 auto modes, custom programs, and multiple user-selectable 32-bit dimming modes.

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