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Yamaha CL/QL V4.1 With AES67 Support

Yamaha Corporation Japan has announced the launch of

Version 4.1 for CL and QL Digital Audio Consoles

. New Dante functionality includes support for the AES67 interoperability that allows communication with Ravenna, Q-LAN, Livewire, and other audio networks for significantly improved system expandability. The Dante Device Lock feature that prevents unwanted changes to Dante settings is also supported, enhancing system security in theaters, concert halls and sound reinforcement installations that are routinely used by outside operators or those operators who bring in their own devices. The number of supported Shure Wireless Receivers has also increased. Version 4.0 provided support for the ULXD4D and ULXD4Q. Version 4.1 additionally supports non-Dante devices including the AXT400, QLXD4, and ULXD4. Control and monitoring are supported for all devices, plus transmitter gain control for the AXT400. Yamaha CL and QL 4.1 marks the 4th stage of a productive Yamaha and Shure collaboration since 2013. Other new features in Yamaha CL and QL 4.1 that boost operability and convenience include: one-operation EQ type selection, improved RTA visibility, patch window effect type, and channel name displays. Mounting and patching of the Audinate Dante- MY16-AUD2 Mini-YGDAI card is also supported.

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