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Zeo Productions Adds Yamaha CL-5 Consoles To Inventory

ZEO Productions Adds 2 of Yamaha’s Newest State of the Art Digital Mixing Consoles: The CL5

The next generation of technology is always on the horizon; the pursuit of perfection always on going. Innovation never ends and Zeo Productions is always there. In keeping with their tradition of cutting edge inventory, Zeo Productions has added two (2) of the largest Yamaha digital mixing desk model, the CL5 to it’s production inventory. Yamaha, long known as an innovator in the realm of digital audio consoles, based their new CL, series on their popular M7 console building upon the innovations introduced with that console. This series of digital mixing consoles represent the next level of the pursuit to push the standards of digital mixing technology higher. The CL5 offers an evolved mixing experience with a sonic purity and sound shaping capabilities that give an unprecedented level of creative freedom to your engineer.

The CL 5’s control surface is extremely compact (41.5″ x 26.3″ x 11.8″). All controls necessary to complete any task are within easy reach. It is also extremely portable with the entire console itself only weighing in at 79.4 lbs.

Among the most useful features of the CL5 are:

 72 mono, 8 stereo input channels

 Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 8-fader right section, 2-fader master section .

 CentraLogic User Interface

 Neve Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor devices with Yamaha VCM technology

 Integrated remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad or other computer

 Dante network audio protocol, allowing fast, efficient design and deployment of capable systems from the most basic to the dazzlingly complex.

 The ability to handle up to eight I/O Rack Units

Zeo Productions’ CL5 consoles are available for touring and rental immediately.

For information on availability call 215-956-0328 or email:

Kyle Pennypacker:

Jason Spatz:

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