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Associations Focus: NSCA University Certificate Adds Value to Résumé

Obtaining your NSCA Certificate of Completion (CCP) through NSCA University will be even easier this year with the exclusive new opportunity to earn all 24 learning units (LU) required for the designation during InfoComm 09

Associations Focus: NSCA University Certificate Adds Value to Résumé

May 12, 2009 1:25 PM

Obtaining your NSCA Certificate of Completion (CCP) through NSCA University will be even easier this year with the exclusive new opportunity to earn all 24 learning units (LU) required for the designation during InfoComm 09.

Boost the value you add to your company, and in turn help your company add more value to the services it offers to its customers. NSCA’s CCP proves your dedication to success and continuing your education. Employees at all levels can earn their CCPs.

“NSCA University’s programs add value to my company at a variety of levels,” says Joseph Ciotti, president of Richardson Technology Systems. “Our techs and installers learn the technical skills they need to do their jobs well, and our management team learns new ways to improve our daily business activities.”

NSCA University offers a variety of levels and courses through NSCA’s six colleges at InfoComm 09. Read full descriptions for NSCA University courses at InfoComm 09 at To learn more about the Certificate of Completion program, visit
Don’t forget to redeem your NSCA education credits to save even more on NSCA’s already affordable training. Credits can be used toward up to 50 percent of the cost of the course. Call NSCA at (800) 446-6722 for your credit balance.

Capitalize on Federal Stimulus Opportunities

NSCA’s web portal, the A/E Toolkit, has been updated with information on how to capitalize on the federal stimulus initiatives provided through HR1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Updates to the Marketing and Business Development section focus on developing successful federal sales to help companies leverage their unique selling proposition with federal customers from the General Services Administration to the Department Of Defense. Additionally, the site’s calendar includes new events focused on doing business with the federal government. New content is also included in the Web Links and Industry News section for federal resources.

“The A/E Toolkit’s new content focuses on how NSCA members can benefit from the federal stimulus efforts,” says Craig Park, FSMPS, associate AIA, vice president and chief marketing officer for Leo A Daly. “In difficult times, public sector work—starting with the U.S. government and moving down through the states to county and city initiatives—provides NSCA with a great source for potential work.”

“The new content is extremely relevant to professionals in our industry and their desire to increase business relationships and opportunities with the federal government,” says Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director.

Unique to the low-voltage industry, the A/E Toolkit provides essential resources for industry professionals, including more than 300 articles on best practices for working within the building industry. Anyone who registers on the site has access to free content; NSCA members have additional access to premium content. To start using the A/E Toolkit, visit

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Associations Focus: NSCA University Certificate Adds Value to Résumé

May 12, 2009 1:25 PM

NSCA University’s QuickStart Online Course Now Available

A new online, self-paced class allows installers and technicians to learn the non-technical skills needed for success in just a few short months. NSCA University’s Quick Start for systems contractors is the perfect solution for new employees or staff who were never properly trained on these essential aspects of the job.

Quick Start contains five modules that focus on industry knowledge, customer service, troubleshooting, project documentation, and responsibility. Staff members who can perform these soft skills well can help your company become more profitable by helping your customers solve problems, save time, and have a great experience.

“In today’s economy, setting yourself apart from your competitors is key,” says Norah Hammond, NSCA senior director of professional development. “Simple exercises—such as practicing consistent customer service, knowing the industry, and understanding a range of products and services—shows your customers that you will get the job done right, and also improves your representation of your organization, the industry, and the products you install.”

Participants can sign up for one module or all five to take advantage of specific training that frequently takes a back seat to technical training. Employees can learn online from the convenience of the office, at any time of day that works best for their companies. Each module is designed to teach essential skills in the topic area and includes a check for understanding. Activities and other engaging methods keep students involved in the session, making it a valuable experience.

Make a reservation for this online experience today by contacting or by calling (800) 446-6722. Buy all five modules for $299 (non-members pay $319) or select only the modules you need at $69 (non-members pay $89) each.

Engage Your Peers, Highlight Your Expertise

Gain exposure, share your expertise, and position yourself as an expert among your peers. The NSCA Business and Leadership Conference, sponsored by InfoComm International, is calling for presentations for its 2010 conference to be held in Florida in late February.

Attendees include the commercial electronic systems industry’s leading business owners, executives, managers, and industry sponsors. A two-day conference featuring business-building strategies, human resources, and real-life tools and resources are what make this industry-specific conference an excellent opportunity to engage with peers and take home ideas to implement immediately.

All proposals must be based on timely topics, not sales oriented, and engage the audience. Submissions must include: title of presentation or topic, speaker (if known), summary or outline of presentation, estimated length of presentation, and benefits to audience.

Send proposals to: Norah Hammond, senior director of professional development, For questions, call (319) 861-8626.

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Associations Focus: NSCA University Certificate Adds Value to Résumé

May 12, 2009 1:25 PM

Novice Commercial Electronics Systems Technicians Can Jumpstart their Training

NSCA is pleased to announce the official roll out of the one-day review course and certification exam offered by its partner, the Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) at InfoComm 09. By offering its one-day review course and certification exam this June at InfoComm in Orlando, ESPA will help novice commercial electronics systems technicians (ESTs) jumpstart their training and their careers. The ESPA Certified-EST tests an EST candidate’s understanding of industry basics and is a true indicator of whether or not the technician is prepared for an electronic systems career. This certification is a perfect match for then obtaining your EST L-2 through NSCA.

As part of the NSCA U track, the ESPA Certified-EST review course on Monday, June 15, will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Candidates can take the exam from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on either Wednesday, June 17, or Thursday, June 18. The review course and exams are at the Orange County Convention Center. The review course is aimed at currently employed ESTs with up to 12 months of experience that need a refresher to help pass the certification exam. Those that have not yet entered the industry should look to alternative training options on

“Training is high on the priority list for technician’s job satisfaction, as we found in our EST survey earlier this year,” says Grant Mydland, executive director of ESPA. “Plus in this slow economy, now is the perfect time for technicians to hone their skills and get certified, so that they’re ready to handle more advanced projects when business picks up.”

The ESPA Certified-EST is aimed at the entry-level technician, providing a set of fundamental best practices common across all tech markets—structured wiring, distributed audio and video, satellite, theater rooms, lighting, security and life safety systems, and automation controls. ESPA provides one entry-level gateway by delivering high-quality education and certification that is universally recognized as the path to a career in electronics systems, including the commercial industry that NSCA represents.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), and National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) founded ESPA. Five additional organizations also have joined ESPA to help educate and certify people who have just entered or are about to enter the electronics industry. By creating, promoting, and standing behind one program, ESPA and its partners are making ESPA Certified-EST the de facto standard for the electronics systems professional. By forming a universal entry point, ESPA can focus on new entrants to the industry, while its partners focus on higher level programs and employment opportunities.

“There are thousands of currently employed ESTs that have never been certified. ESPA is here to help those ESTs get on the right track with their training to ensure they have all the core skills, are prepared to learn new skills, can control their own future, and help employers and consumers reap the benefits of a highly trained and productive workforce,” Mydland says. After achieving ESPA Certified-EST certification, technicians can get help from ESPA to pursue jobs and advanced training based on the industry vertical that appeals to them.

ESPA Certified-EST covers five key domains: electrical basics; tools; construction methods and materials; wiring and installation practices; and standards, codes, and safety practices. Candidates can find out more about the program at and register for the course and exam at The review course is $299, and the exam $199.

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