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CEDIA Expo: The Training You Need to Keep Up with the Trends

How will you transform your business and technical skills to meet future consumer needs and demands?

CEDIA Expo: The Training You Need to Keep Up with the Trends

Jun 27, 2013 3:44 PM

How will you transform your business and technical skills to meet future consumer needs and demands? Make smart decisions by understanding the trends and taking action to prepare yourself and your business. CEDIA Expo takes the latest trends and provides training to ensure that your company does not get left behind. Let’s take a look at some trends and training that will be covered at this year’s CEDIA Expo.

The Trend: Systems Integration and Control

Gross revenue from systems integration and control is on the rise. For five years and counting, the average percent of gross revenue for systems integration has steadily increased. Nearly a third of home technology professionals say systems integration and control is the largest profit contribution to their business.

The Training:How to Sell Integrated Systems

Buck the current trend and show your clients there is an alternative to an app-based world. Integrated systems are still the holy grail of smart home control and many integrators are successfully implementing projects of all sizes every day. Revealing strategies, experiences, and techniques acquired from different industries and sources, you will be Exposed to the systems, processes, and techniques that one integrator uses to successfully sell integrated systems to the luxury market. More than just upscale brands and high prices, you will see how to make money selling yourself, your services, and your company. Topics presented will include allowances and budgets and how to reach them quickly; PowerPoint, marketing materials, and sample document packages with impact; injecting professionalism in sales; processes that work; hardware and demo kits to bring to every meeting; and standardized messaging and branding. This session is guaranteed to be a lively and engaging discussion and not just a PowerPoint reading recital. Do not miss this opportunity to learn new sales strategies that can be immediately implemented.

Other Training: Using Smartphones and Tablets as Wireless Sources in the Home, Advanced Integration and Automation Control Concepts

The Trend: Recurring Revenue
Forty-five percent of home technology professionals are currently offering recurring revenue services – primary service contracts, remote security system monitoring, and remote network monitoring and diagnostics. Recurring revenue provides more regular cash flow, which give your business more stability and increases its value.

The Training:Recurring Revenue Opportunities Beyond Security Systems
In this fast-paced session, get the inside scoop about 14 unique ways that real home technology professionals are earning RMR. This session not only addresses the revenue and profit potential, but also explores the business model requirements. Learn ways to boost RMR from multi-level service agreements (with real examples of successful agreements), audio and video calibration, IT/home networking storage/service, energy management, aging-in-place technology, and more!

Other Training: Adding Security to Your Business to Increase RMR and Company Value, Implementing & Creating Client Care Programs: The Service 2.0 Model

The Trend: Home Networking
Commercial/enterprise grade equipment is quickly becoming the preferred equipment type for home networking. Thirty-seven percent of routers and 34% of network switches used by home technology professionals are commercial/enterprise grade. Networking is no longer as simple as one might think.

The Training:Selling the Networking (& IT Services) and Integration

There is no denying that today’s intuitive home now requires a robust IT infrastructure. The network you sell your client and, in turn, deploy has become an imperative ingredient for success. In a world full of $50 over-the counter network appliances, how can you successfully sell your client a more robust solution? This class is one part tech, several parts sales training, and is designed to teach you how to do just that. Learn vital details about the network infrastructures that will support tomorrow’s technologies in order to more effectively communicate and sell these network systems.

Master the network by following the pathway to the CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist Credential.

Join us for CEDIA Expo 2013 in Denver, September, 26-28. Visit to register or learn more. Attendees who register before August 2, 2013 benefit from a savings of 40 percent.

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