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InfoComm Best of Show Awards: 2016

Recognizing the Outstanding Products Exhibited at the 2016 InfoComm Show

1 Beyond // AutoTracker 2 IP
The 1 Beyond AutoTracker 2 IP is a PTZ camera with all the advantages of its predecessor, including compact design, two HD-SDI outputs (wide angle and PTZ), quiet motor, high-quality image sensor, 1080p output, 20x zoom, remote control from Crestron/Extron or joystick when in manual mode, simple configuration, and no need for computer or infrared or mats or mics for operation. The new model is available in an IP streaming camera and the camera can be controlled and configured over the network, as well. It works well for lecture capture, video conferencing, town hall meetings, and corporate training seminars. From the judges: “Nice features and real-world educational applications. It’s a game changer for lecture capture solutions.”

AM&S/Allen & Heath // dLive Digital Mixing System
This digital mixing system provides ultra-flexible architecture, a powerful FPGA processing core, a comprehensive array of expansion, control and networking options, plus the intuitive Harmony user interface with gesture control, meaning dLive is geared to applications from rigorous tour- ing and festivals to installation in prestigious live venues. From the judges: “The dLive rivals many other pricier options in live/FOH digital mixers. It’s a great option at a great price point.”

Atlona // OmniStream
The company’s first line of networked AV products is designed for integrating and distributing 4K/UHD video, audio, and RS-232 control over Gigabit Ethernet networks employing off-the-shelf network switches. The dual-channel networked AV encoders in the line, the AT-OMNI-112 and AT- OMNI-122, can process two independent 4K/UHD video streams in a single, half-width rack enclosure, providing excellent cost per channel value, as well as the benefit of a high density rack installation. From the judges: “Great quality and easy to configure. Low latency with dual channel options for classroom applications. Solid construction.”

Attero Tech // unDNEMO Dante Network Monitor

Setup is easy with Attero Tech’s unIFY 2.0 software, and the unDNEMO’s customization features allow integrators to provide non-technical end users with a networked audio monitoring solution that requires virtually no training to use, and can still be easily adapted to the varying requirements for audio monitoring across multiple applications. In addition, the unDNEMO has two network connections to allow Dante Daisy Chaining, which further simplifies system infrastructure wiring by allowing multiple unDNEMO’s to use a single CAT-5e/6 home run connection to a network switch. From the judges: “Need to monitor 64 Dante audio channels? Look no further. This is a neat, useful box.”

Audinate // Dante Controller 3.10
A powerful and intuitive software application for MS Windows and Mac OS X, this allows you to quickly and easily route digital audio around your Dante network. Dante Controller also includes a range of network analysis and monitoring features, enabling you to optimize network performance, and to quickly identify any potential configuration issues before they impact an event or installation. All that, and it’s free! From the judges: “The next level of Dante controller software is here, ‘nuff said.”

// TesiraLUX
The TesiraLUX product line initially includes an AVB video encoder (TesiraLUX IDH-1) with one HDMI port, one DisplayPort port, and includes two mic/line level analog inputs; and an AVB video decoder (TesiraLUX OH-1) with one HDMI port and two line level analog outputs. It supports video formats suchas 4096×2160 at 60Hz, high dynamic range and the Rec. 2020 color space, and allows the integrator to make informed decisions about what to send over the network, helping them treat content types appropriately, resulting in visually lossless transmissions that make best use of the available bandwidth. From the judges: “A bold, well-crafted expansionof the Tesira platform to put the V in AVB and bring the benefits of time-sensitive networking to AV networks.”

Cambridge Sound Management // Qt Active Emitter
Leveraging direct-field technology to deliver a powerful all-in-one sound masking, office paging, and background music system for commercial facilities, the Qt Active Emitter is a single-source Emitter (loudspeaker) capable of both sound masking and simultaneous reproduction of clear audio sources such as paging signals. The Qt Active Emitter provides higher SPL and a broader frequency range in a loudspeaker the size of a coffee mug. From the judges: “A comprehensive tool for PA, music, and sound masking applications, this may be a great solution for many corporate and institutional environments.”

Canon U.S.A. // REALiS 4K500ST Pro AV LCOS Projector
This model delivers 4K resolution of 4096×2400, up to 5000 lumens and Canon’s LCOS Technology with AISYS-enhancement for brilliant, high brightness, and detailed image reproduction. The REALiS 4K500ST also offers a Genuine Canon 4K lens and a robust collection of advanced professional setting features, including Marginal Focus, which helps ensure content projected on the peripheral portions of domed surfaces remains in focus. From the judges: “Well-known for its optics, this LCOS projector is offered with Canon’s 4K lens. This 5000 lumen, LCOS projector is a compact, weighing only 38.8 pounds, making it ideal for immersive applications.”

Crestron // Fusion Cloud
To perform enterprise management no longer requires enterprise-gradeexpertise in installation, hosting, and maintenance – or a large enterprise. Crestron Fusion® is now available as a private cloud service managed by Crestron.
  Crestron Fusion Cloud delivers all the benefits of enterprise management without the responsibilities of managing additional servers on the corporate network. It empowers knowledge workers to view room availability and book spaces on the spot using a scheduling touch screen at the room entrance. Managers can use Crestron Fusion Cloud to streamline help desk operations and perform preventive maintenance on every AV device, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. It also provides valuable analytics and reporting of real-time and historical energy usage,enabling organizations to make intelligent, informed energy saving decisions.
   Hosted on a dedicated private server, and employing standard security protocols, Crestron Fusion Cloud is always “on” and available no mater where you are. Simply enter the unique URL and host name to access all the power and functionality of Crestron Fusion Cloud, just as if it resided on the network in your building. Optional multiple, redundant servers are available for additional backup security.

Crestron // PinPoint App
Global enterprises are investing in more group spaces and tools to give employees the environment they need to work productively. But providing an infrastructure isn’t enough to ensure success. Unproductive meetings and wasted resources cost organizationsa fortune: in the U.S. alone, an estimated $37 billion every year. Problems with room scheduling, AV, setup, and environmental systems are key culprits. Crestron has the solution.
The Crestron PinPoint™ personal productivity app builds on the Crestron Fusion® Cloud enterprise management platform. The app communicates with PinPoint beacons in each space throughout the organization – even open lounges and huddle spaces can be located and reserved. Quickly access vital information, schedule meetings, and initiate secure communications and collaboration anytime, from anywhere. Advanced room search capability ensures there’s no wandering the halls looking for an available meeting room or booking the wrong type of room. Once you’re in the room you can instantly share content from your smartphone or tablet. There’s no more typing in IP addresses, manually dialing, or fumbling around trying to connect devices to display your presentation. Knowledge workers are able to focus on their work, instead of getting things to work.

Crestron // HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender (HD-MD-400-C-E)
The number of huddle and small meeting rooms is on the rise. This has created the need for a simple, complete, low-cost presentation solution. The HD Scaling Auto-Switcher & Extender (HD-MD-400-C-E) has all the features integrators want, at a price that fitsany budget. There’s no programming or control system required. Just plug it in and present. Connect it to the LAN and it’s on the managed network.
Composed of a 4X1 auto-switcher and extender pair, the HD-MD-400-C-E provides signal extension up to 230 feet, a built-in scaler, automaticswitching for HD resolutions up to 2K, and display control, in a pair of compact, easy-to-deploy devices.
   The transmiter can be mounted under a table or inside a lectern for easy connection to media sources. The receiver, mounted behind the room display, includes an additional HDMI input for connection to Crestron AirMedia®, enabling wireless BYOD presentation.
    With its built-in Ethernet connectivity, the HD-MD-400-C-E can be connected to the Crestron AVF Hub, facilitating communication between Crestron Fusion® Cloud enterprise management service and up to 15 rooms, without a control system or programming. This enables technology managers to easily deploy, manage, and support simple room systems over the network without a control system, and at an amazingly low cost per room..

Crestron // Avia DSPs
The biggest name in video distribution delivers groundbreaking audio innovationfor the professional AV industry. The new Crestron Avia™ DSP matrix mixers and software tool dramatically simplify audio programming, integration, and expansion in commercial and institutional spaces.
   The Avia DSP Tool provides a powerful and intuitive workspace thatstreamlines audio design and programming. The unique channel-strip architecture simplifies configuration, allowing programmers to save, modify, and manage a library of custom strips. Built-in tools include a spectrum analyzer, virtual mixer, EQ editor, and Crestron speaker profile library to ensure quick acoustic setup. New controls and functions can be added on-the-fly so programmers no longer need to “re-wire and recompile” to make changes. I/O expansion amongst Avia DSPs, amplifiers, and third-party vendors is easy using integrated Dante™ audio networking controls.
   Avia DSPs offer native Crestron control system integration to substantially reduce the amount of programming required. Programmers can drag and drop audio controls and even VUs directly into Crestron’s VT Pro-e® software to deploy flawless touch screen UIs in one room or hundreds of rooms – in minutes.

Da-Lite // Wireline
This is an electric projection screen for large venues that eliminates black drop by lowering the viewing area to an appropriate height with thin steel cables, resulting in a large screen that is almost invisibly suspended at the right viewing height, leaving the architecture of the room exposed — all while the housing is ceiling recessed and out of sight. The housing features the sliding installation brackets and self-trimming edge that are inherent to the Advantage line, and it’s available with cable lengths up to 29 feet long, and in sizes up to 16 feet wide. From the judges: “This is an innovative product that elegantly fills a very specific need.”

D-Tools // System Integrator 2016 (SI 2016)
Building on D-Tools’ Cloud infrastructure, SI 2016 adds SupplyStream and QuickBooks Online integration and XML Export, Purchase Order management, as well as productivity improvements for Proposals, Change Orders, and Purchase Requests, and Task and Scheduling enhancements. Enhanced for greater usability, Mobile Install lets users schedule and track the status of install tasks and notes from a mobile device, send/receive device-level notifications, and make updates to a centralized calendar, then broadcast those to team members in real-time. From the judges: “An amazing application for AV systems design, engineering, and equipment list development.”

Digital Projection // International E-vision 8500 LASER
The E-Vision Laser 8500 features 8,500 lumens of brightness, geometry correction and edge blending, Lens Memory presets, and capabilities such as DICOM simulation mode. It thrives in most any commercial application needing a bright, consistent and reliable imaging solution. For applications needing an ultra short throw solution, the E-Vision Laser 8500 can be paired with DPI’s newly launched 0.38:1 Ultra Short Throw lens, a projector/lens combo capable of creating an image width between 6.9ft. to approximately 24ft. and offers ultimate flexibility of projector positioning. From the judges: “This has a well developed feature set and good lens options.”

DVIGear // DisplayNet DN-110 and DN-120 Series
These expand the capabilities of the DisplayNet product line to include support for full-speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) as well as optical fiber extension up to 30 km. Each transmitter unit accepts multiple source signals, including HDMI (with embedded audio and HDCP),analog stereo audio, bidirectional IR, RS-232, 1GbE Ethernet, and full-speed USB 2.0. These input signals are packetized into a single 10GbE link, without the use of CODECs, and are distributed to destinations via an off-the-shelf 10GbE network switch using a single CAT-6a up to 100 meters (DN-110) or duplexed single-mode fiber up to 30 km (DN-120). From the judges: “Powered by the ground-breaking Aptovision chip, this is a comprehensive reimagining of AV distribution that anticipates the continued rise of 10GbE and the fall of hard-iron matrix switches.”

Electro-Voice // EVID Premium Ceiling (PC) Speakers
Two new Premium Ceiling (PC) speaker models join the EVID family: the PC6.2 (6.5in. two-way) and PC8.2 (8in. two-way). Each self-contained unit features a dedicated compression driver for enhanced high-frequency performance and coverage control; simplified wiring and innovative new integrated mounting hard- ware that allow for quicker installation into a wide range of ceiling cavities and construction formats; and increased power handling (100 W), higher output (115 dB/116 dB), and wider coverage angles (120 degrees/100 degrees). From the judges: “For those needing ceiling speakers, these overbuilt EV models should be best of class, performing like ceiling speakers rarely do in practice.”

Epson // Pro L25000U Laser 3LCD Projector with 4K Enhancement
As part of the new Pro L-Series laser projector line, the Pro L25000U integrates a sealed optical engine with laser-light source with an inorganic phosphor wheel in combination with inorganic LCD panels for up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, including 24/7 use for applications that require continuous projection. The Pro L25000U features advanced technology, including a wide array of future-proof 4K-ready powered lenses with lens shift and lens memory, 360-degree installation flexibility, diverse connectivity options, and a smoke-resistant design. From the judges: “Boasting impressive color fidelity from its 3LCD technology, this projector is a bold statement from the company as it continues to challenge the status quo in the large venue market.”

// VUE-IN-5
The VUE-IN-5 allows the user to design and build custom “in-room” control elements quickly and efficiently through the panel’s intuitive layout mode. In addition to accelerating the setup process, VUE-IN-5 offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface which is very comprehensive for all levels of users. VUE-IN-5 control panels are hosted directly by the MAGNUM-RC in-room controller. MAGNUM-RC can support both Evertz new 10-inch touch panel as well as act as a web host for wired/wireless web based control for BYOD control surface deployments. From the judges: “An interesting approach to control system GUI design.”

FSR // Revolution Table Solutions
This line features both square and rectangular options to complement FSR’s T6 Table Box family. There are five versions available that can use FSR’s existing T6 Table Box insert brackets and the company’s full line of TBRT cable retractors. The various internal brackets available are designed to contain AC, USB chargers, cable pulls, TBRT cable retractors, snap-in keystone connectors, or FSR’s Intelligent Plate Solutions. Available in a black powder- coat finish, the RT6 table boxes are ETL Listed and expressly designed to match any décor. From the judges: “Another excellent compliment of retractable table hatches.”

IHSE USA // Draco tera compact UNI
The Draco tera compact UNI matrix switch provides the option to switch any combination of 3G-SDI, USB 3.0, and ultra-high-definition KVM using an SFP modular design. Each port is designed around the IHSE flex-port technology, which allows any port to be defined as an input or output. Frame sizes are available for 8, 16, 32, and 48 in 1 RU with 64 and 80 ports in 2 RU. From the judges: “IHSE USA continues to make incredibly robust products that provide lightning fast signal management in various form factors at value prices.”

inMusic Brands // Marantz Professional PMD-500D Media Player
The PMD-500D is a DVD disc /SD/USB multi-format media player with dedicated features for professional use, such as RS-232C control, OSD Hiding Mode, Panel and IR remote lock function, and Power On Play function. It also features XLR balanced and RCA outputs for audio, and HDMI, digital video, component video and composite video outputs–all in a single rack space chassis. From the judges: “Comprehensive digital audio playback systems such as this are most valuable in houses of worship, educational facilities, etc. For many, this will be a true problem solver.”

Leyard // TWA Series
With a slim 54-inch cabinet and the finest pixel pitches, Leyard TWS Series LED video walls deliver the pixel density and a 16:9 form factor to match LCD and rear projection video walls, but with a truly seamless video wall configuration of any size. They’re designed for long- duty cycles, long life, and are available with a redundant video and power option to ensure continuous operation for demanding operations. The self-contained displays have standard HDMI inputs and looping, along with optional redundant configurations. From the judges: “The TWA Series was shown at InfoComm with stunning 8K native content. The massive configuration of eight panels wide by eight panels tall demonstrated an outstanding and seamless image.”

Mackie // AXIS Digital Mixing System
With full Dante interoperability, the modular AXIS system combines the power of the 32-channel DL32R digital mixer and innovative DC16 control surface to deliver a live sound solution with stunning workflow efficiency. Large high-resolution screens provide high readability and the SmartBridge intelligently handles up to three iPad devices. Visual feedback and customization result in faster workflow speed, and it comes complete with flexible 32×32 recording and a selection of powerful DSP. From the judges: “One of the most innovative products in the collection of new gear I saw at Info- Comm. While many other products may accomplish what the AXIS system can, none of them come in anywhere near this price point.”

Matrox // Maevex 6100 Encoders
The new line of encoders is designed for capture and real-time encoding, streaming, transcoding, and recording. The Maevex 2 range of PCIe cards, stand-alone appliances, and developer tools provides multi-channel, full HD, 4K, and 8K streaming. From small and easy-to-use appliances all the way to packing up to 64 channels of 4K capture, real-time encoding and streaming into a single 5U rack enclosure, Maevex 2 covers all your form-factor requirements. From the judges: “These are video cards taken to the next level.”

Peerless-AV // SmartMount Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount
A mount that’s lighter and easier to install and service, it features new lateral micro-adjustments and convenient serviceability with a pop-out mechanism. Ideal for creating video walls in various applications, the DS-VW775 offers simple, tool-less micro adjustments, both vertically and laterally, for 1.5in. of fine tune adjustment on each of the X, Y, and Z axes. With the DS-VW775, displays are seamlessly aligned while tedious calculations and onsite guesswork are eliminated for installers, reducing the time and cost of installation. From the judges: “A great advance in video wall mount features. Flexible and well thought-out.”

RGB Spectrum // Zio
Today’s IP backbone infrastructure is well suited for moving data, but large numbers of distributed sources and destinations creates challenges for user control and administration. Zio solves these problems with a unique peer-to-peer architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional client-server systems. A networked AV video distribution and management system that consists of endpoints for encoding sources as audio and video streams, and decoding them for output to one or more displays, Zio is controlled with advanced cross-platform management tools, communicating across standard 1GbE Ethernet switches. From the judges: “This is a great new addition to the product line.”

Scalable Display Technologies // Huddlewall
Huddlewall is a turnkey, wall-sized collaboration system comprised of multiple HD projectors, a projection screen, and auto alignment software to align the projectors. It can scale a Windows desktop display to a huge whiteboard size up to 24ft. long. Additionally, the Huddlewall system features a unique writing surface technology that is both modular for convenience of shipping and installation, while providing a seamless writing surface upon installation. From the judges: “It’s the next-generation white- board on steroids.”

Sharp Electronics
85” 8K LCD Display
The 85” Class (diagonal) 8K 120Hz LCD display utilizes IGZO technology and features 16 times the pixel resolution of 1080p, wide color gamut technology, and HDR functionality. This 8K Ultra HD display expands industry-standard sizing options to include an 85-inch class model for businesses desiring a more affordable and competitively priced larger display option. The display is narrow, thin, and lightweight, featuring an ultra-slim aluminum bezel that enables simple installation and maintenance, and was engineered for 24/7 operation. From the judges: “A product way ahead of its time. The 8K content displayed was amazing.”

Kramer // Control
With this product, distributed architecture and extensive cloud leveraging translates to agility and scalability. Catering to a single room or large global enterprise with the same ease of use, Kramer Control also includes an optional Analytics Dashboard (powered by Kramer Network), which automatically gathers all control data and generates actionable reports on device health and performance, room usage, operational efficiency, energy usage, and more. The Kramer Control Platform provides options for public, private, or hybrid cloud implementation. A Manager module is used for defining project content and scope, and the Builder module lets users create, edit and configure room control systems from anywhere in the world.

Shure // Microflex Advance
Microflex Advance is a portfolio of networked ceiling and table array microphones, audio interfaces, and control software for enhanced AV conferencing that integrates seamlessly to a premium meeting space aesthetic. The Ceiling Array is a networked array microphone that uses Shure’s Steerable Coverage technology, enabling up to eight lobes that are steerable in three dimensions. The Table Array microphone features the new patent-pending “Toroid” polar patern to reject unwanted sound from overhead. Microflex Advance microphones include a built-in web interface which allows integrators to customize the microphones to their liking. From the judges: “As one of the most innovative products unveiled at InfoComm, Shure’s Microflex Advance range has potential applications far beyond the corporate conference room — think over choirs in drop-ceiling church sanctuaries rather than a bevy of suspended and boundary mics, and more.”

Symetrix // Solus NX 16×8
Designed to serve in standalone DSP applications, like those not requiring Dante network audio, the Solus NX 16×8 features the same DSP power and delay memory as Symetrix’ Radius, Prism and Edge DSPs. It delivers DSP-intensive processing, routing, and delay in systems requiring sophisticated loudspeaker management, auto-mixing, paging, routing and distribution, mic/line processing, AGC, room combining, and more. From the judges: “A solid DSP platform that’s easily configurable and expandable.”

tvONE// ONErack
ONErack is a universal, powered mounting system that improves rack installation of small devices. tvONE’s patent-pending design converts randomly sized, externally-powered devices from any manufacturer into slide-in modules that can be installed quickly and cleanly and serviced easily. Chassis are available in 4RU, 5RU, and 6RU and can hold up to 16 modules with up to 2 power circuits each. When using the ONErack Power Supply, each power circuit, can provide selectable power at 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 18v, and 24v up to 35 watts. From the judges: “This is a great solution for clear and reliable installations.”

wePresent // WiFi WiPG-1600 and SharePod
Sporting the best features of the WiPG-2000, while scaling back on a few that might not be necessary in the world of learning (or for business, worship, and government clients who might already have collaborative hardware such as touchscreens, SMART boards, or similar devices already in place), the biggest feature the WiPG-1600 brings is the ability to connect a multitude of users via their Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices, and allow them to present to the same screen — up to 64 users can connect to the WiPG-1600 at one time. From the judges: “The innovative embedded annotation feature makes this unique.”

Visix // EPS Paper White EPS Room Sign
Utilizing the latest electrophoretic display technology, this also features a middleware that allows users to map multiple event management systems simultaneously, and minimize updates to the signs to prolong battery life. These lightweight, 6-inch displays don’t require any cabling, so they can be placed virtually anywhere. The EPS display is extremely high contrast, and includes a third color for added visual emphasis. Plus, integrators can add infinitely customizable faceplates that match interior design and architectural standards. From the judges: “Niche solution for easy-to-implement room signage installations. Plus, the price point allows for enterprise-wide deployment.”

Yamaha // SWP1 L2 Network Switches
The SWP1 simplifies switch configuration by having settings for QoS, IGMP Snooping, and other parameters pre-configured for optimal Dante performance. It’s ideal for audio engineers who may be new to IP networking or sound companies that are looking for a reliable switch with quick setup and deployment. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, the dedicated Yamaha Audio Network Monitor application for Windows computers provides a comprehensive view of parameters required for Dante network management including network traffic, switch status, and individual Dante device information. From the judges: “This Dante-ready, simple DIP switch-based network offers Windows OS GUI manipulation and should be rock-solid as far as reliability is concerned.”

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