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InfoComm: Focusing on Unified Communication

UCC and the AV Professional

Unified communications and collaboration is all the rage, but what makes for a good UCC experience? Hint: It has to do with the AV. Join members of InfoComm’s UCC Task Force on the InfoComm Today Podcast as they discuss the challenges and opportunities in a growing field. Then read the first in a three-part special report on the intersection of AV and UCC, featuring interviews with AV professionals excelling in the UCC market. 

UCC Advice Almost Everyone Ignores, Part 1

When it comes to setting up an AV collaboration system, many people forget the basics. Like the fact that a webcam is rarely a good solution in a conference room setting. (Seriously, stop trying it.) InfoComm All Voices blogger and Dimension Data Principal Consultant David Danto offers five pieces of advice for designing collaboration systems that you ignore at your peril. Visit to read more.

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