An Interview with Quince Imaging

The company has itself to image analysis, determining the best tools to meet the requirements of demanding applications and going beyond what the typical AV contractor supplies.
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An Interview with Quince Imaging

Oct 8, 2014 6:26 PM

The leadership at Quince Imaging never envisioned itself as a standard audiovisual (AV) firm—at least not in the classic sense. They’ve devoted themselves to image analysis, determining the best tools to meet the requirements of demanding applications and going beyond what the typical AV contractor supplies. Continually experimenting with techniques and technology in specialty event displays, Quince has most recently focused its resources on a particular niche: projection image mapping.

A prime example of today’s converged AV service provider and innovator, Quince Imaging wowed the industry with a dynamic 3D court projection for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the pregame retirement ceremony for Zydrunas “Z” Ilgauskas at the Quicken Loans Arena in March. Quince Imaging also is a longtime member of InfoComm International and uses InfoComm’s training as part of its professional development program.

Co-owner and CFO/COO Scott Williams and Projection Designer CJ Davis explain the company’s main focus has been taking standard products and designing them into specialty display applications with custom-built network infrastructure. This approach, coupled with video engineering, projection design, integration, and content creation, produces events such as the Cavs’ “Z” retirement ceremony.

“We’re certainly not clairvoyant, but we did our research. We believed this was a frontier that was never really approached before,” Williams says. “We believed our skills and tech know-how would be successful in the marketplace and we made it our target. We made it our absolute goal and we’ve done a fine job of delivering on those goals.”

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