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All-New Ashly Audio Website Enhances Support, Resources and Solutions Offerings for Integrators and End Users

Ashly Audio has launched an all-new website, signaling the arrival of an all-new Ashly.

Ashly Audio has launched an all-new website, signaling the arrival of an all-new Ashly. With a focus on crisp design, intuitive navigation, and an increase in usable content – from direct support options and documentation to solution-based application features – the new site mirrors the direction Ashly is driving its new solutions in for 2019: extreme usability coupled with the highest level of support possible.

“The site is a reflection of how we are envisioning Ashly’s future,” said Noel Larson, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ashly. “Everything we are designing today – from the long list of new products we are launching, to the new software offerings we will soon release, to the new website – is focused on making our customers’ experiences with Ashly less complex while adding an unparalleled level of solution depth and customer support.”

One example of how the new site improves customer interaction with Ashly: making it easier than ever to interact with Ashly’s “Tech Support Gurus”.

“When you talk with one of our support team members you can be assured that not only are you getting someone with years of experience in the industry, but also that you can speak with the same person every time you call or email,” said Jim Schwenzer, the lead Tech Support Guru and a technician, engineer and musician with more than 35 years of experience in the field. “When we talk about a support issue, you know I will be on the case until the problem is solved. And if you need support down the line on another issue, you can contact me directly knowing I’ll have a history with your integration and your business.”

Visitors can also easily browse through Ashly software and products, explore integration solutions and connect with sales teams direct.

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