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AVPro Edge Expands ConferX Line with USB-C Wall Plate Transmitter

AVPro adds USB-C input wall plate option to its conference room/classroom solutions.

USB-C Wall Plate Transmitter
AC-CXWP-USBC-T: USB-C/HDMI Wall Plate HDBaseT Transmitter

AVPro is excited to announce the AC-CXWP-USBC-T, an HDBaseT wall plate transmitter that fits in a single gang mud ring. This product makes hosting a presentation from a new MacBook, Samsung phone or other USB-C device extremely easy.

USB-C has become the go to video output port for many new computers, tablets and phones for its slim, easy to use form factor. This technology allows users flip the cable and still get all the capabilities including audio/video. Connect a device to the USB-C transmitter with any 3.1 USB-C cable and the HDBaseT Transmitter will send the video signal throughout the rest of the ConferX installation or directly to a projector or display with HDBaseT functionality.

Previously, manufactures have released USB-C input devices with one major flaw, the USB-C cable must be inserted in a certain orientation. If the cable is ‘upside down’ it will not work. With USB-C, there is no discernible way to tell if a cable is upside down or not. AVPro Edge has created a proprietary solution where the audio/video signal will be distributed no matter how the cable is oriented. Additionally, the AC-CXWP-USBC-T has built-in advanced EDID management (including EDID read from Sink) and comes in a universal single gang form.

AVPro’s Jeff Murray stated, “The AC-CXWP-USBC-T is the solution that commercial integrators have been looking for. You can now include USB-C as an input type for your next installation. Paired with our 10 year warranty, you can be sure that this wall plate was built to last.”

For more information on the AC-CXWP-USBC-T please visit or call AVPro Edge at 877-886-5112.

About AVPro Edge:
AVPro Edge was founded and is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. An AVPro Global Holdings company, AVPro Edge diligently develops and manufactures connectivity products designed to provide integrators with the tools they need to get their jobs done. As a full adopter of HDMI, HDBaseT and HDCP, AVPro Edge provides the quality products integrators deserve. Our engineers regularly work with these organizations and chip manufacturers to ensure the very best and capable products come to market. For more information visit or call (877) 886-5112.

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