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Audio Flair Mixes with the Allen & Heath Qu-24

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The Qu-24 Provides Digital Mixing Versatility and Simplified Set Up

San Luis Obispo, CA –  Audio Flair provides sound reinforcement services in the central coast area of California.  Mike Bacciarini founded the company in 2004 with an Allen & Heath GL2200 analog mixer. Then, in 2015, he purchased a Qu-24 digital mixer with an AR2412 AudioRack.

“I love Allen & Heath,” he said.  “They make great sounding, reliable gear.  And, now, with the Qu-24, I don’t need to carry around a 120-foot, multi-channel analog snake and a signal-processing rack.  I can do most shows with the Qu-24 and an amp rack.  Everything’s on board the mixer except my CD player!”

Audio Flair serves a wide variety of events ranging from concerts and fund-raisers to festivals, civic events and worship services.  Bacciarini often preloads shows into the Qu-24 based on a stage plot and mic list and he saves Qu-24 scenes to use as starting points for future events with repeat clients and venues.  Each scene stores the FOH mix, monitor mixes and DSP effects used on individual mics or on the mix as a whole.  “The Qu-24’s built-in effects are great,” he says.  “I don’t use a separate FOH rack any more.  And the AR2412 puts all of my inputs on the stage so I just need a CAT5 cable.”

On request, Bacciarini records events with the Qu-24’s multi-track Qu-Drive feature using the mixer’s soft keys as start/stop/record buttons.  He also makes good use of the mixers' “Qu-Pad” app for remote control.  “It’s very cool,” he says.  “I can use my iPad to mix from anywhere in the house and even walk up on stage to adjust the monitors.”

Bacciarini commented, “Sonically and artistically, the Qu-24 is great.  It’s got plenty of headroom and there’s no ‘digital sound’.  Coming from an analog background,” he added,“the Qu is impressive and very usable and the Allen & Heath training videos are great.  It couldn’t be any easier than this!”



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