Aveo Systems Mira Connect Now Available Throughout North America

Mira Connect, a tabletop control appliance for a variety of collaboration products, is now available throughout the USA and Canada.
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Marietta, GA, USA – With finished installations now in Canada, Aveo Systems, Inc. has expanded availability throughout North America of its tabletop control appliance, Mira Connect, and cloud management platform, Mira Portal.  Mira Connect’s intuitive touch screen interface makes it easy to dial calls, adjust audio settings, manage projectors and displays, and control the room, without the cost and complexity of custom programming.  The platform allows integrators to easily install controllers in less time and efficiently deliver remote management services, while reducing system costs and complexity.

 The room-based Mira Connect controls collaboration equipment and is the only control system required in a room.  It is designed to work with collaboration systems ranging from room reinforcement and microphones to audio and video conferencing.  The touchscreen interface can initiate audio and video calls, control displays and projectors, and manage the audio sources in the room.  Custom graphics can be used with the touchscreen, incorporating a client’s logo, background image, and custom colors.

 “We wanted a control system for our boardroom that was above all, simple to operate,” said Gerry Robillard, Manager of Information Management Services, Sudbury (ON, Canada) Catholic School District. “Mira Connect wonderfully meets that need.  It solved a problem we were having with users continually changing settings on our in-room amplifier, which created problems for everyone else.  Now that we have Mira Connect in place, it’s all been automated, and is plug and play.” 

 “We were impressed by the ease of installation as well as the versatility of Mira Connect,” said Jean-Francois Landriault, Director of Sales-Eastern Canada for SENSUS Communication Systems Inc.  “It not only integrates flawlessly with the Polycom SoundStructure system we installed, its operation remains simple and transparent to users no matter how the room is configured or divided.”

 “Mira Connect’s consistent user experience across rooms, regardless of equipment brand, allows users to be productive immediately,” said Craig Richardson, President and CEO of Aveo Systems Inc.  “We also designed the system to be intuitive and easy for IT managers and system integrators during setup and configuration, streamlining the installation and configuration process to minutes rather than days or weeks.  We’re pleased to be working with partners such as SENSUS to deliver elegant and easy-to-use solutions for their customers.”

 The Mira Connect platform supports an ever-growing collection of collaboration systems and displays including products from Polycom, QSC, Biamp, Bose, Klark Teknik, Sharp, NEC, Epson, FSR, Skreens, and Vivitek. For more information, visit aveosystems.com/mira-connect-family/.




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